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All Change

Seven years ago today I joined h2g2, yesterday I graduated with a degree in Chemistry and today I move into a new house.

Yay! smiley - biggrinsmiley - bubbly

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The snow today reminded me of what a pretty place I live in, so I got outside and took some photos before cycling to lectures (which reminded me that I live miles away from anywhere useful).

smiley - snowball

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Exams start soon. They've already started for some of my friends who are biology students. On Monday they had a two hour essay paper, in which one of the choices of essays was "Discuss the difference between evolution and intelligent design." At least three of them managed to work the Flying Spaghetti Monster into their argument. smiley - evilgrin

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Guide to the Galaxy

Perhaps someone should tell the BBC that they already *have* a service for "distilling of data into a portable format [like] Douglas Adams' iconic Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy". smiley - erm

Admittedly you can't carry this one around with you, but you can access Hootoo from a mobile, can't you?

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A pleasant mistake

We settled down to watch the Hitchhikers film today, since Mum got it for Christmas. It was a surprise to see Simon Jones rather than Martin Freeman waking up and to find a bulldozer outside his house, but I think it means the shop gave us the DVDs for the old television series inside the case for the new film.

Unless the "UK Exclusive Special Edition" means they don't want us Brits to see the new version. smiley - ghost

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