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microwave vs stovetop popcorn

Decided to try and pop some stove top popcorn (you know the sort you buy in a packet and pop in a saucepan with oil)
I usually buy microwave popcorn as its quick and I don't mess up in the kitchen.

The family consensus was.. I liked it, my 5 year old liked it, my 8 year olds reply was Yuk...Don't like it, not buttery enough and the Apprentice thought it was tasteless poop, like eating packing material. ( Mind you popped popcorn does make an excellent recycleable packing material if you pop it in an air popper)

Being a popcorn connoisseur, I grew up on regular popcorn and only discovered microwave popcorn in 1985 in the USA. I still like the old fashioned way of cooking it and microwave popcorn just doesn't cut it when making caramel corn.

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Latest reply: Jan 21, 2001

Daily update

Decided against using the microwave to heat my milk for my cereal this morning and used the stove top instead.
Disadvantage- I had to wash a pot... Advantage- my milk stayed nice and warm for the duration of the breakfast!

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Latest reply: Jan 19, 2001

This electronic day and age

It is said that technology is advancing mankind. Is this really so? I personally think that we are relying on too much of it this day and age. We can now bank online,shop online, have friends online without even meeting them, heck even live in an online community without leaving the house.

Even with the convienience of electronic devices that can do all our difficult thinking and processing, we still need humans to input that data in some form and humans are know to err frequently. Another thing is that a lot of us are not taking into account some of the serious security risks being taken

Take a simply bank transfer from one account to another. The money was sent to an incorrect account because of human error in input. Now the two banks have both verified that they don't have the money, so where is LIMBO? Computers can send data and data can be lost along the way to the bit bucket in the sky ( as I call it)and there is usually no physical data to back it up. Give me a check anyday as I know when I take it to the bank and the bank gives me my receipt, I have PROOF that it's done and no matter what happens after that, they are responsible for making sure my money is there!

I've decided to rethink my attitude towards technology and try easing back to some of the basics, as if in case of a major technolocial shutdown, I'll have the resources and be prepared.

Theres a lot more than be said about this subject, and I think it would make an excellent topic of discussion.

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Happy Turkey Day

Today is Thanksgiving, a holiday celebrated in America. I'm sitting here in Groton MA 4.30 am Local time as my body clock is still on UK time. Looking at the screen of my friends computer, I reflect on what I am thankful for.

First, and most of all, I am thankful for my Wonderful family. I feel blessed to have such a loving husband and two wonderful bright children.

I am thankful for my close friends, who I know are my real friends as they have stuck by me, through thick and thin.

I'm thankful for our good health and well being.

I'm thankful that I wake up everyday and can look forward to what it brings me.

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Cold Blustery Day

Looking out of my window, the wind blows through the trees, dancing and swaying. A calmness comes over them and then once more they dance again. It's a cold wind, icy and brisk. Soon it'll get dark early, and the days will be short. Laundry will be hanging on the clothes racks and radiators around the house. Time will be spent in front of the fire, curled up with a book or playing a game. You know that Winter is settling in.....

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