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Neither here nor there...

I've been away, in spirit rather than body. Not entirely sure if I'm back yet.

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All on my own

Thank god there's one of us willing to keep the innertubes going.[email protected]/8137345631/in/photostream

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Why is there two of everything?

Anyway, so I goes to the opticians this morning to pick up my new glasses, try them on, aaaaannd.....

smiley - drumroll

....everything is still fuzzy. Which is even more of a worry. I've also realised that the problem is that my right eye is actually seeing double; not obviously, just a slight offset blur. Monocular diplopia it's called, according to that internet. So I've got another eye test booked, but not till Monday week due to holidays. In the meantime, I feel that my sight is worsening, though that could well be just that I'm fretting about it more.

I blame 4legs.

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What's that over there?

smiley - space
My right eye seems to not be doing quite what it oughter, i.e. seeing things. I've worn glasses since I was 17; always had a weak left eye and a fairly normal right eye, but in the last few weeks everything has started to get a bit fuzzy, and the problem is definitely due to this eye here --->

Which is kind of worrying.

What the hell am I doing telling the internet? You're not going to fix it.

Or are you?

Opticians on Monday I think.

smiley - cool

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Wednesday 17th March 2010

Spring has finally arrived in my bit of the world, which has meant that I've had a couple of productive days at home getting this year's vegetable garden kick started.

I've planted garlic, variety Solent Wight. This did excellently last year, and seems to store well. I think it's worth paying for a variety that has been tailored to our British growing conditions; if you just plant stuff bought from the supermarket, it will spend the growing season wishing it was in the south of France.

Onion sets, I've planted three different varieties - Centurion, Setton and Sturon. I've grown Sturon before, the other two are experiments.

I've also made a first sowing of broad beans - Bunyard's Exhibition. I'll sow some more in about six weeks in an effort to get a longer cropping period. What often happens is that the later ones catch up with the earlies, but you do usually get an extra three or four weeks crop.

My horseradish plants are just starting to sprout. The only thing you need to do with those is to stop them from taking over the rest of the garden, and then dig it all up in the autumn - there will be enough bits left in the ground to form next year's crop.

Indoors I've sown tomatoes (Alicante and Gardener's Delight) and sweet peppers (Worldbeater). When they're big enough, they'll go in the greenhouse.

Tomorrow, if the weather holds, I'll sow some salad stuff - rocket, assorted lettuce, radish (French Breakfast) and spring onions (White Lisbon).

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