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oo can I?

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snaffle that ' mind-buggeringly tedious' because I think it is a delicious use of words

I'll apply it spareingly

smiley - kiss

oo can I?

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You certainly cansmiley - biggrin I've no idea if I got it from somewhere else or made it up myself.

Anyway, Happy New Yearsmiley - bubbly

2013 has been a bit rubbish for me so far. 1st Jan, hangover. 2nd Jan, started getting a cold, which has still not properly gone away. I don't usually suffer too badly with colds, but this one has been an absolute sod, and I'll be glad to be shut of it. Christmas and New Year's Eve were excellent though. Relatively quiet Christmas, absolutely mad New Year away visiting friends.

How's yourself?

smiley - choc

oo can I?

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oo, thank you

Happy New Year to you too smiley - bubbly I think I sent an email, wishing the same and promising sloe gin at Easter smiley - ok

I'm glad you had an excellent Christmas and New Year. We also enjoyed ourselves, bibbling around the countryside, we scoffed Ruldoph for Christmas and Bambi at New Year smiley - drool.

Hiccup was socialable, not only enjoying our company, but had friends over a few times, and went out for a couple of party nights. Apparently we are rated as cool parents. Which we are chuffed about, as we think it means that we are negiotating the being 'relaxed without being too lax' thing ok

I hope you kick that cold soon smiley - hug and medicinal hot toddy smiley - stiffdrink

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