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I wish you a good night as i am off, just thought i should stay up to see in my 18th year, and say hi to my friend with the same birth date.

Hope the rest of you are fine

smiley - bubbly (i can order my own now!!) smiley - winkeye

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Czech Republic

Has returned from the land of the singing - my choir tour has finished

My legs have not yet recovered from the not quite sucessful navigating of my choir master - in the last 24 hours only 4 were spent sleeping, the rest flying, walking, coaching (the moving variety) and training (again, the moving variety)

smiley - erm

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I now have another reason to hate Barlesque

I was considering that if i was going to try to be an ACE, then i needed an introduction - i have a nice good one with lots of sparkly things and pictures and similar

but... nothing in Barlesque - so I tried to put it in there, it said it couldn't deal with the formatting, so after trying to fix it for a while I left - to find out when i returned that my original stuff was deleted.


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Thunder and Lightning very very frightning!!

Four houses out of 11 at my school hit, but most impressive was a full hit on our copper chapel dome while we were singing with our organist smashing away, just to finish with a massive roar and the disappearence of every light - if we could do that at concerts we'd be very sucessful

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Ahhhhhh! What happened

I shut down for a few months because of my exams...we end up being sold?

Obviously i need to start paying more attentions, how do people think it will turn out, as a more precise form than me reading through the ranting that is going on?

And what is the going price for a h2g2 (other than a priceless)

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