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God I HATE Funerals!

One week to the day when my entire school was told that one of our number had been found dead at home we have just had our funeral.

Despite a large campaign to tell us that it was no compulsory to attend, I'm pretty certain we had our entire school there.

I did not know the girl herself, but her sister and brother are good friends of mine.

I'm part of the choir, and had been holding up quite well until our final song "Time to say Goodbye"

I wish I was like some, who, even though they are my age, had never attended a funeral, one alone is more than enough.

God I hate funerals

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UCAS offer!

Just got my first UCAS offer to Warwick - AAB, a little higher than the average, but lower than my predicted grades so i should be higher

Durham takes ages to reply and my other three choices dont reply until after January so now i have months to wait

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Ah Look at the FP

We've flicked over to the new week!!
Its Changed!!!

Change scares me!

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We're back, and i get a present as well

Nbb returns, and on his first day gets his rescue entry selected after several months in PR!!!

Am on holiday, though since i have more work than anyone else at school, plus half my half term taken up by work experience.

50 hours of learning text
Several large essays
Big lists of vocab to be learnt

Not good

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Got my entry onto the Front Page!

smiley - biggrin
smiley - bubblysmiley - ale

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