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They like Noticing me in PR

Am on the FP again for being in PR, not as good as last time though when i was in the FP in three different places - entry, PR and post

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Answer my Question on Scottish Referendum????

Hi guys,

I've been wondering, at least as of the moment any person in Britain is free to go anywhere they want, and assuming they are allowed to vote, they can register for national votes whereever they wish (local votes require living there, but not national votes)

Does this mean that hundreds of thousands of english men and women could register in Scotland before the referendum, vote, and then switch back?

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All over the Place

Wow, both my Modern Piracy entry and my Create thing on the FP at the same time...and at 10ish, evidently the Eds have lots of spare time, i must think of some more things to fill their spare time with smiley - winkeye

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The Project Begins

The first part of my project has had its initial content done


The project Can be seen there - only one bit actually filled in, and the project page itself is just a reminder to myself, so not that much point

THe entry you should look at is

A87727008 - Shot Put

Which is currently in the EGWW, but it seems pretty inactive atm, which if we want to reduce non suitable entries being submitted to PR, seems foolish.

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Great, another Seizure :(

Looks like my epipesy is back

Finish my Latin lesson, just walking out and the next thing i remember is three hours later

Nearly bit through my tongue
Back has seized up
Neck is crippled
Numerous cuts and bruises as i fell down the stairs

And no idea what it will have done to my memory

Great day in all smiley - sadface

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