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Looking at the h2g2 Wiki article I read that apparently we named the downtime after we left the beeb "The FOOP"

Now i remember many names being suggested (my favourite being the intereditorium), but never the FOOP...not impressed

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Five out of Eight

And so my journal progresses...well in my lazy view i consider that - it actually manages to progress with me doing no work, i fear that at some stage i might have to write some more entries...fussy CEs

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Front Page in Brunel

Hi, i did ask when we switched over, but evidently Pastey and his troglodyte crew were more than a tad busy at that time

Does anyone know how to view the FP in Brunel?

Whenever I come onto the site (in our nice shiny new skin), i go to pref, and switch to Brunel.
At that point i get taken to my PS, if i try to go to the FP (or to an entry) i get moved out of Brunel -
can anyone help?


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And many Cheerful Facts about the Square of the Hypotenuse - AMAZING!

To those that know either the tune to "Modern Major-General" or perhaps the Elements song you MUST see this

I spent a good few minutes singing it through to myself, cheered me up immensely smiley - biggrinsmiley - biggrinsmiley - biggrinsmiley - laughsmiley - laugh

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The Project Begins

First one of my Olympic project is up, and i get the first artwork by KWDave i believe - i like the artwork, its a new style, and I get to enjoy draining his time since he's doing all my project :D
More accurately i want to see how his method is going to cope when he has to do my pole vault entry smiley - laugh

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