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So - Christmas coming, what to write?

Well having sent in my last essay of the term (far worse than my other two, alas - those linked to me on skype will have dealt with my nashing of teeth, and suchlike) I am "free" to act

By that I mean, I have exams to revise for, and will be looking for things to procrastinate over, during Christmas

As such, I believe it is time for me to write a few more entries - now that I've got my 10 entry badge

I am feeling that I should probably make use of my degree (well, the philosophy bit), but am looking for suggestions

Alternatively I might go on a rewrite blitz and try for the curator badge (if it still exists)


smiley - biggrin

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Exam Results!

Well it looks like Leeds is willing to have me back after all

Assuming the external moderator doesn't dislike me, these are how things stand

2nd Semester Marks (out of 90):

Descartes: 66 - nice and easy for the markers since I got two essays, each with 66 marks

Roman World: 61 - pretty exactly what I'd expected

Greek Lit: 56 - my essay was 46, so the exam must have gone well, a 2:1 on its own

Latin Lit: 59 (exam not so good, as the essay was 66)

Logic: 83

smiley - run

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Have at it England!!!!!!

38-21 !!!!!!!

England stop a 20 game winning streak by the All Blacks!
Highest score by England against All Blacks ever
Widest win against All Blacks, ever

First time All Blacks have gone in to HT with zero points in 14 years

Have at It

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Dear God I hate People who Break their Agreements -

Am i the only person who honours theirs?

I'm not talking about the impossible to avoid failure to meet an agreement, i mean the wilful construction of one with the sole plan to break it, or the breaking of a promise

I've never done either - call me boring or weird but i literally cannot see how people feel capable of feeling happy with themselves and go breaking them - i value mine above anything else i do - I've never broken a promise and do whatever i have to to avoid them

Dear god some people round Leeds

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Any Volunteers for Bodyguards?

For those who don't know I am part of an Uni Assasins Guild - where you have to nonlethally kill your targets
Currently campus is relatively bloodthirtsty, but until now I wasn't specially targeted
This morning a whole bunch of post i sent using a web service arrived, each letter contained deadly germs...however i hadn't realised that the site would use near transparent letters - allowing each assassin not to open it
One especially ruthless assassin put an innocent civilian in danger and had her open it
As such, i was informed this afternoon that she had been hospitalised due to my letter's germs

As such I have now had the following pronounced upon me:

Brothers and Sisters, we have amongst us a traitor to the code. A heinous criminal who cares not for the lives of innocents nor the harm that his weapons cause. I am of course speaking of Richard Haslam and his infamous killing of Imogen Loveday's friend. As of this moment he shall be declared as a rogue assassin who needs to be stopped at any cost. He shall be cast forth and expelled from the brotherhood. Judgement shall be passed ... he will die. His death is now worth -25 points to him and a boon to the brave Justicar who enacts bloody and terrible vengeance unto him. The achievement "Justicar" has now been unlocked and will be awarded to the killer of Richard. The hunt is on...

Despite the henious lie that she is dead, and the ignoring of the assasin's flagrant breach of the code in involving a civilian, i am being targeted
...the committee in particular have nerf machine guns smiley - erm

Such is my life at uni in the moment smiley - biggrin

...i need to survive until the website works (roughly 11 days)

...any volunteers for bodyguards?

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