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moving on

Life is good, but confusing.
Im in sweden and the internet does not behave the same (my message page doesnt clear new messages for one)
But on the plus side my first thing has just been sent off to be subbed for EG smiley - smiley
In the RW i get my gcses so that is not good however

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why do i do this?

I have now learnt the firm basics of guide ml and indeed have sent off my diary of learning it to the AWW where apparently its quite good which makes me feel nice and warm. Also i've picked up a flea market entry, which knowing my luck will laready have been picked up somewhere else or had the title changed.
In the RW life is simply very dull, on the plus side ive won most of my games of pool on the downside the person i was playing (my dad) has no said he has to go and work smiley - sadface

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I have now bowed to the h2g2 inevitable and started to learn GuideML and have started an interactive diary to do so, at this time i have learned how to do text, pictures and at this time, internal links. Next step - referencing and really cool effects, because i want to add some to my personal space. will be needed

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10 days gone by

10 days have now gone by and as such i am hoping for my first entry to be picked for the guide, no outstanding problems so i hope oit is a matter of time now

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Entering the world

As of August the 11th my first ever guide entry will have finished its compulsory wait in PR, id hope that it will quickly be picked by a scout.
its my first entry ahving joined Hootoo as a researcher a week or so ago, before then i'd only been on the site to read the articles, never even looked at a thread.
As a teen i can but hope that this entry is the first of many and i will hope to be part of a newer generation of hootoo researchers.
Now if only i can find someone to teach me how to use guideML all would be well with the world, or at least i could blame 2legs for all that wasnt

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