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Goodbye University, and onto the world of work

So with an epic all-nighter doing nothing but removing words I can now say I have HANDED IN MY DISSERTATION

After 3 months, and probably a few weeks of work, the evil document is done. Can't speak to quality - everything up till I actually get my results is excellent...and then it takes a turn for the worse smiley - erm

(Data analysis is not my strong point - death to IBM and their horribly un-userfriendly software)

But so long as I pass the dissertation I get my Merit (think 2:1) and that is what my new job needs, which is an excellent segway that I in no way planned

So I add to the list of people in my family who don't work for a living by becoming a consultant. In theory I'm actually working nice and close to where I live now. So training should be really easy. At that point we see where they choose to send me...hopefully not Scottish headquarters in Glasgow smiley - run

In the meantime I have about 5 weeks spare, so I might finish that project which is wandering somewhere in the ether, calling out for help

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Onto my Masters!

Well that's the Undergrad in Philosophy and Classics dealt with...finally! smiley - run

Having had a surprisingly energetic response from the lazy philosophers I've finally had an answer from my last Classics module

As such - I've got my 2:1! smiley - biggrin

Back to same Uni for a Masters in Management for the next year in September - looks like I'll need to start working smiley - nur

I would say time for a few smiley - alesmiley - alesmiley - alesmiley - alesmiley - bubblysmiley - bubbly

...but I managed to get myself almost isolated on the day of my results and there's no-one to go drinking with! smiley - wah

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The toils of Dodgeball and Internships

Alas, or possibly thankfully, my internship is not in dodgeball smiley - run

I am currently trying to keep together a truly battered body from my brother-in-law (to be)'s stag do. Having a somewhat large group of middle class friends he did avoid the increasingly de rigeur abusive treatment (mostly).

While the Best Man's organisation was excellent (despite us creating a faffer's united organisation) the effects of one 4am finish, followed by two hours of morning dodgeball in fancy dress (personally I felt my minion outfit was excellent) followed by another 4am finish has left some suitable effects...clearly I'm getting old. smiley - teasmiley - alesmiley - alesmiley - alesmiley - alesmiley - ale

More annoyingly after a great weekend my summer boss has (finally) got back to me and told me my summer timings. Annoyingly she is going on holiday for two weeks, so my intership has been delayed to a week into July - I'd actually been looking forward to doing some work (it's for a charity organisation), and work is a rare thing for a philosophy student to look forward to smiley - tongueout

As such, clearly the only reasonable option is for me to finish my (lego...for now) death star smiley - biggrin

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A"n" h2g2 Smiley

A question of utmost important, which has originated (at least for me) off the clearly work-focused volunteer skype thread (I'm going to take a wild plunge and assume I won't be punished for bring this across smiley - winkeye )

Is it "an" h2g2 smiley
"a" h2g2 smiley

I personally deliberately went for "a" h2g2 smiley, because there isn't a vowel following the "h", was this is reasonable decision?

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Currently now completely out of sync with my normal sleep patterns and in pain - having had a nice long lie in today, managed to have a mycolonic jerk (that's a weird hiccup thing caused by my epilepsy, that triggers all your voluntary muscles at once) - threw myself off my bed and now have an impressive gash and a possible concussion smiley - sadface

Inability to easily go get myself checked at this time, but a brief cognitive check seem to say I'm okay except my hip really, really hurts, pain is greatly overrated

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