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Wow, this journal thing is up to #4 and I had hardly realised it. One thing I did realise however it that I have to let go and get onwith my life and hopefully this will include further entries and contributuions here. I have read much that was of a high quality on this site and some that was almost but not entirely bizarre. The humorous content is less than I expected in the actual entries and more (at times) than I can fully understand in the responses. Happily I had a very productive day today which included a large session of housework which made my current residence semi-habitable. Tomorrow I plan to prcrastinate for a few soul searching hours over the task of making it fully habitable and the day after..., well the universe hasnt decided yet and my puny intentions are leaves in the wind.

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Hello..., Is anybody out there?
I am just going to ask this in the hope that some random entity wll happen across this entry and solve my problem for me. This is supposed to be an inexplicable and confusing place right? Well I hope this doesnt work and nobody ever reads it. (just covering all bases)
Why is it that every girl I meet 'Just wants to be friends.' after three days of having met me. I call and I get the same response every time and this has been happening for seven years straight now! I am a nice guy, good loking and with a promising career in something ahead of me. I like to have a good time and know when to be serious. I am sincere, caring, a little eccentric and some people even find me very funny.
Does every girl go to sleep at night dreaming of some hairy stupidape that will use her like an object and treat her like shit because that is the vibe I am getting. Excuse my rant but I am frustrated to the point of hysteria right now. I feel like tearing my skin off and taking a bath in vinegar to get my mind off of this topic because it has brought me nothing but sadness. I feel so alone, isolted and vulnerable and there just seems to be nothing I can do to stop it. If anyone ever does read this then please, any advice wouldbe welcome since words like prostitute, drug habit and suicide are running through my mind at warp speed +50. I just want somebody to love! Is that too much to ask?

My current mood: read above
My current romantic status: Bathyspheres have never been so low.
My current book: Very close tofinishing Casino Royale and looking forward to Moonraker.

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Well would you look at this, another journal entry. We have reached critical mass people. If I make another entry I will have shattered my journal recod by creating three entries. Lets not get too carried away just yet though.
Life has been a rollercoaster for me these last few days. I have gone out, gotten drunk, met girls, escorted them to taxis and gone home alone more times than I can count. I wonder if I still have enough braincells to do that anymore. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 Well so far so good. Things get a bit challenging after '9' because the numbers are no longer next to each other on the keyboard so I might attack that one next week.
Well we are on the verge of a new and exciting week once again. If anyone ever reads this they might even smell the sarcasm fresh upon their screen. I would recommend 'joop' to get rid of the odour. It's what I use.

My current mood: melancholy ennui
My current book: almost through Casino Royale
My current romantic aspirations: Well I wasn't lucky to live in a cave in prehistoric London so there you go.

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Entry 1

Note that I did not say DAY one. With my abilities at journal keeping even starting this is the supreme act of futility of our age. Tribesmen attacking a Tiger tank with slings know the feeling i get when I try to commit to a journal. Hence I have called this Entry 1 which, hopefully leaves you the reader with the illusion that this may have been written 5 minutes ago and perhaps another entry is being composed right now.

My current mood: Almost but not entirely bemused.
My current marital status: Single but too lazy to look very hard.
My current book: Fleming, Ian. 'Casino Royale'

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