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Saturday, March 20, 10:42 pm

Up here in new england, the weather is usually terrible during the winter. It has been getting quite nicer more recently.

Tommorow will be March 21st, the first day of spring. Now the days will start to get longer and warmer!


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Skankyrich [?]

Hopefully, if it stays dry overnight, we'll be playing cricket tomorrow. That's overly optimistic, eh? smiley - smiley


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You can call me TC

Hi Manuela. Just followed you here from your new entry about the kalends. I hope you like it once you get settled in. Things are slightly more slow-moving on hootoo than elsewhere on the web, as you will have noticed.

We're looking forward to spring here, too, and after the really long, snowy winter, we deserve some warmth.

However, despite the positive forecast, it's just started to rain heavily and the wind has been banging the doors and windows all morning. I was wondering about Rich's cricket match - it is very early in the year for cricket - and now I'm wondering what it's like in New England.

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