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My Allotment and Garden Diary

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Lurking through the conversations I couldn't resist posting a comment on something titled 'My Allotment and Garden Diary'

This year my cabbages have been decimated by whitefly. Apart from spraying them with soapy water, I am wondering if there is another way to control them?

Its quite embaressing seeing my sorry little plants on my allotment plot when everyone else's cabbages seem so healthy!

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My Allotment and Garden Diary

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Helleborus a.k.a. Nigel

Hello Atticus101,

Welcome to My Allotment and Garden thread smiley - smiley.

Cabbage whitefly are difficult to get rid of unless you start using pesticides, which I do not like to use on my allotment. I like to try and be as organic as I possibly can be, like yourself, I am sure.

However, there are organic pesticides which may be an idea. Have a read of the following from the RHS Society:

On the allotment site I am on, quite a few plot holders plant Marigolds next to their cabbages as well as other vegetables such as tomatoes. This discourages the whitefly because of the bright orange colours, and also the smell which appears strong to them. Just a thought for next year perhaps.

Another method is worth trying if you can get the ingredients.

**Mix one tablespoon canola oil and a few drops of Ivory soap into a quart of water. Shake well and pour into a spray bottle. Spray plant from above down, and from below up to get the underside of the leaves. The oil smothers the insects.**

It is important to spray underneath the leaves as well as the top to try and eradicate the little beasts!

I hope this helps. Any further questions or help I can give, do not hesitate in asking.

All the best.


My Allotment and Garden Diary

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Helleborus a.k.a. Nigel

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My Allotment and Garden Diary

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My Allotment and Garden Diary

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