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nappers united

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this is not a pipe ~--U

medi...i've started us off on a fresh page..the old title was starting to feel was a case of "either those curtains go or i do"...hope you don't mind..
thunder was magnificant here in the mids(ish)..[refuses to define himself geographically, hence retaining a vague air of elusiveness]
haven't gotten hold of said album yet, intend to buy lots of music on trip (off tomorrow..smiley - biggrin) so will pick it up there..
how's school, miss? hey, you've got the summer off now!smiley - smiley or are you working elsewhere?smiley - sadface
i won't be around now for a couple of weeks but if you have any thoughts you want to write down, or any good naps you want to tell someone about, stick 'em 'ere and i'll have something to read when i get back...take care, pipe.

nappers united

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Hey Pipe! Dim problem! We were needing a new page!

Haven't had much time for napping. I've been painting every square inch of my house!

Keep in touch though!


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