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Cool - first solo entry today!

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Latest reply: Oct 25, 2000


goddammit, just back from a pain in the arse week in London filming that bleedin Baileys ad. And now the clients have changed what passes for their communal mind. Yet again. Why can't they just leave us alone? We're right, they're wrong, they should just learn to accept it, regardless of who's paying.

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Ah another day, another massive presentation, I'm wrecked.
Why exactly is it that clients prefer massive amountsa of shite to a small bit of quality - and where exactly is written that a 48-sheet poster has to have a bloody visual in it?

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Aahhhh. I'm so hungover I think I want to die.

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Football (what else?)

Poor old England. The problem appears to be that the populace as a whole seems to be possessed of a genuine belief that they are capable of winning any sporting competition that they enter. This of course leads to massive disappointment in virtually all sporting fields - Ruzedski and Henman have even ruined the normally unattainable (and consequently enjoyable to watch) Wimbledon Championships with false hopes. Much better to take a leaf out of ireland's pathetic sporting record - qualifying for anything comes as a complete surprise and consequently anything after that (even loosing) is a massive bonus.

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