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Good Bye For Now!

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This place has changed alot since I joined in 2004 yes your probably on a PC and can see that this name has differant date but I joined with a differant name many moons ago! You can tell your mates that I won't be around but might come back at a later date.

As I said your probably on a PC well I'm and more are NOT I'm on what they call a digi box all I get is plain text can see the smilies having to type out this everytime without the full stops <.grr.>=smiley - grr There seems to be to many cheifs and not enough indians eg POST REPORTERS and not alot of us eg posters. My Email addy if your intrested is: [email protected]
GTG Time 0:15am in so called Great Britain Doncaster.

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Good Bye For Now!

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