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Just Plan Dan

Welcome to the third day and the last full moon of spring.

Today is a great day of joy, the moons pull on the tides will allow the waters around the world to creep up a little closer on the shore.

This is a full moon that people prayed hard to and believed this full moon controled the seed they planted and will allow them to grow stronger. The Amer, Indians believed that if you cut your hair a little and burried it under this full moon it will help you hair to grow strong and longer. When your hair is strong and long, you will have a great connection with great spirit.

Amazing, kinda like Samson and his head of hair. But they don't look like Tyrone Power.. LOL

Till The Morrow

Day 3

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Hey Dan - great tip about the hair.

I am Abi, the Deputy Community Editor and I just popped by to say hi!
Got any more beauty tips smiley - winkeye

Day 3

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Just Plan Dan

The next beauty tip in the list of achient tip:

The Aztec's Royality use to place wet leather tightly around there heads and sit in the sun for hours letting the leather dry and shrink so that it would make there face rounder. That way there faces would matched the faces of the God on there anchient statues and drawings. They started doing this to there children from about the age of 4 so the head shape would change as they grew older.

Although if you would try this in today UV light it would probibly cause skin cancer, so use at least a 50 blocker before laying out in the sun. And remember soak the leather and put iy on tightly :-o

Day 3

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tight leather - hmmmm smiley - bigeyessmiley - winkeye

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