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Panic Over

Ok thank goodness for that the panic is over.

Had a phone call from a friend earlier,she was finishing her market research job and heading back to her car in a medium sized city and as she got to her car realised she'd lost her keys. So she did a major search of bags and coat etc and then started retracing her steps. All this whilst on the phone to me,I really wasn't happy about her wandering the streets in the dark. Knowing that her mum and stepdad had got her spare keys she got off the phone from me and rang them. Neither was able to go to her aid and I'd offered to drive over and help, approx 30-40min away but you know what do you do for friends huh? So she called me back saying that she really couldn't find her keys anywhere and could I go help. So went and got dressed as I was already in my P-Jays and headed out to the car. Then got the all important phone call, SHE FOUND THEM!! Had dropped to the floor by the car, so I was able to go back in the flat get changed back into my P-Jays and relaaaxxxx.

So Panic Over smiley - smiley

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