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You can't leave that conversation

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Its a conversation attached to an article you wrote, so its stupid to leave. I have learnt my lesson, very now and again I get relaxed and start posting very personal opinions, they are not accepted well and I learn again not to do it. Hopefully I will remember this time!

You can't leave that conversation

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Fragilis - h2g2 Cured My Tabular Obsession

Well, it's attached to something I wrote, but it's just tangentially related. I don't feel particularly guilty for leaving. I think I may resubscribe in a week. I have infinite time. In the meanwhile, it might be best for me to stay clear until the incident is quite forgotten.

You know, I don't think it's necessarily bad to post personal opinions. I do it quite often. But then, I'm typically able to take any sort of reply, no matter how insulting, in stride. If you can't, it is perhaps a sign that you shouldn't post in public on that particular subject.

I thank you for popping by and helping heal the fence. And I apologize for hurting your feelings. Here, how about a smiley - cupcake?

You can't leave that conversation

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I have many many people tell me that if I cannot take any possible answer, then maybe I shouldn't post on the subject. I have always been over-emotional, my Dad used to insult me about it and still does, like its a fault of mine. Many many people have also acted as though its a fault, well I am at the age now, where I have accepted it is me.

Maybe some people can read anything about them and never be hurt, good for you, that doesn't mean you are right and I am wrong. I may go through more grief and ups and downs than you, but again, that doesn't make me wrong.

You were commenting on many bad things happening to my husbands partner, knowing that was me. Well he has stuck with me through last years breakdown, 2 occasions of back paralysis, one which was so bad he had to hold the fruit bowl (we weren't allowed a bed pan) for me to piss into, 7 years of emotional high life during which I have tried to come to terms with incest and finally confronting my father on it. He helped pick up his own father when he collaspsed yet again and did everything required for his toilet as well, then watched him die. We also used to have to get up at random hours of the morning and bike for an hour to rescue his gran when she kept collasping as well. he taught me how to ride a motorbike, when I used to sit on it and cry with fear for half-an-hour before I could start the engine, its now so freeing for me, its better than therapy ever was.

Whats the point of this list, I could go on but won't. There are many men out there who do not wish to get intimate with silicone, or could not get past the surgery aspect of being a transexual. I had a friend, a big tough police officer, who couldn't cope when he asked me where I was going and I said for my contraceptive jab, he was very grossed out. My husband has a few ick problems with cosmetic surgery, well so do I, I wouldn't want to spend hours on a piece of silicon either, not when put in for purely cosmetic reasons. I'll let you know what happens on the day I get breast surgery.

The point is this man has helped me to finally enjoy life, he stayed with me during the paralysis and the tears and the breakdown etc. Yes he does have a few emotional problems, don't we all.

You say, I shouldn't post if I can't take the answer, I say you should think about what you are posting.

Its all very clever to slag him off about breast reconstructive surgery after cancer, but we weren't talking about that, we were talking about transexual surgery. If we had been talking about breast reconstructive surgery after cancer, then I would have made a completely different comment. I thought what I said could be useful to Z, he said that his guy friends woudn't date a transexual, well I thought it was useful to put forward the idea that it could have been due to ickness about the surgery, aside from any other more obvious answer. I thought I was making a useful comment and being honest, not hiding behind, well I have a friend who... I mentioned someone who is here on h2g2. It seems that honesty about one subject gets you slagged off about completely different subjects.

I think that to say you shouldn't post unless you can take the answer, is possibly a let out clause because its easier then having to think about people.

I have always liked you in the past, so I won't stop because of this. But maybe next time you tell someone they shouldn't post, you could also think about whether you should post in such a manner.

You can't leave that conversation

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Fragilis - h2g2 Cured My Tabular Obsession

Kaz, I do think about whether I should post and how I should post. Allow me to prove it to you.

I will not post any further on this subject. I will continue to stay unsubscribed from the transexuality thread indefinitely. And I will no longer reply to you here or elsewhere concerning the matters we have discussed. I think it is safe to say that we disagree, and I would like to drop it at that. In fact, I will drop it whether you will or not.

You have a right to your opinions. And so does your husband. Since I am showing respect for you both, I hope you will also respect my right to discontinue a conversation that I have found uniformly unpleasant.

I suspect you are a very kind and interesting person, Kaz. It's a shame that my early experience with you leaves me unlikely to get to know you better. But I hope you will enjoy the rest of your time at h2g2. smiley - smiley

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