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I just started reading the University article about Gender/sexual orientation... it is a really interesting article especially because my gf had a sex change operation. So you can understand I liked reading a thought through article...serieus article!

Can I add you to my friends list? I see you do write some intersting articles. I am a lesbian, living together with my sweetheart gf you know...

hope to hear from you soon!

Bye, Jacqueline


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Fragilis - h2g2 Cured My Tabular Obsession

Hello, Jacqueline. I actually read your posts in the thread on transsexuality. They were interesting and helpful. And I was quite happy to see someone on h2g2 who has some practical experience with the issue, as it were. Feel free to add me to your friends list. smiley - ok

It honestly sounds like you and your gf have a very sweet relationship. smiley - loveblush Best of luck to you both going forward. And I hope to hear more from you in the future. Anyway,thanks for popping by. smiley - smiley


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Thanks for your message, as you can see I already added you to my friends list. Well, I don't really have practical experience. As in: I didn't have to deal with it, but my gf did before I met her. I just love her to bits and for me she is just my partner, my girl, my lover...nothing more or less than that...

I didn't nearly read all of the University article and I told my gf that I would read it out loud to her (good for my English), she said that would be interesting, so I will keep you updated...

Thanks for writing such good, thoughtful kind of articles. Most people don't understand or don't want to understand. They shy away from it. Tell me... (just curious) where did you get the idea from to write about these quite difficult subjects?

Bye, Jacqueline smiley - smiley


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Fragilis - h2g2 Cured My Tabular Obsession

Wow, it's been so long since I regularly posted at h2g2 that there was no such thing as a friends list when I stopped! I guess I'll have to set some friends of my own up one of these days.

I guess when I said practical experience, I meant that you've had a chance to discuss things most people never do. We all seem to have a lot of questions, and there are relatively few people who can answer and who are willing to. By finding someone willing to talk (to you) about it, you have more practical experience most!

I guess that says something sad about society these days...

When I was in college, I came out as bisexual. I then took a required class on public speaking. I very got an idea very early on that some of my classmates were pretty prejudiced. And it seemed that the prejudiced ones were more ignorant than the less prejudiced ones.

The teacher encouraged us to choose difficult subjects, and she wanted us to challenge each other. So I used all my time giving speeches to the class on sexual orientation. The assignments forced me to view the subject from a number of different angles. In researching what I wanted to say, I learned a lot. I still have a video tape of myself giving speeches to the classs, I believe.

So years later, when I got pretty comfortable contributing to h2g2, I decided to pass on what I'd learned in another form. That way, my research could be on permanent record somewhere besides a dusty old box.

You know, I could still pull up my old class notes and write one more guide entry. It would be a primer on the history of sexual orientation, from ancient cultures in Egypt, Greece, and India to today's activism. There are a lot of eye openers for the historically minded.

I think I'd better save that for a day when I have a lot of energy, though! I'll probably tackle a couple of easier subjects first.


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Well, because it is good for my English I normally read articles out loud so my gf only needs to listen. I told her about the University project (although I didn't tell her that I told people at h2g2 about her) and she said she was quite interested in hearing the article. So this afternoon we set ourselves down and I read a big part of the articles in the University challenge. We both can only say: WOW.

You handle the subjects with great care, serieus but also with humor mixed in between. We have talked about the articles for some time, have laughed about some clearly put sentences and have basically really enjoyed reading those well thought through articles!

I also read her the transeksual article thread (still without telling her I told the people at h2g2 about her) and she thought it was really good and serieus!

I can understand coming out as a biseksual must have been pretty difficult to do, but you served them right! It is good to know there are still people around who know how to handle difficult subjects like this and we can only give you a big compliment for it!!!

Would you need help with writing any article about gender/seksuality and would you think I could be of any assistance..then please drop me a line!


Hugs, Jacqueline

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