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Williamsburg Entry Approved!

Thank you, PTB, for approving my first guide entry, on Williamsburg, the trendy and fun neighborhood that abuts my area, Greenpoint. I've had lots of fun in Williamsburg over the years and cordially welcome all Researchers to the place.

Next project: The G Train. I am already working on the descriptions of the areas around each station. Why make a guide entry for the most neglected subway line in New York? Well, more attention = less neglect.

See you at Vera Cruz,


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Nasty inch-long screw

On my way into Manhattan to meet a friend yesterday, I ran over the sharpest, most evil thing I've ever seen in the street. It was a part of a screw, about one inch long, with a nasty hook at the end. When I found it, it had gone through my tire, through the thorn-proof tube, out the other side, and into the rim tape underneath; I had to put three patches on there at the corner of Avenue C and 10th Street. Luckily for me, it was immediately obvious where the puncture was, so I didn't even have to take the wheel off the frame. The tire was ruined; one of the patches blew in the bike shop so I scraped it away and put a larger patch on in its place. If anyone ever asks me what could puncture a thorn-proof tube, I've got the screw and I'll show 'em!

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Just like in Mille Bornes, the French-inspired race-car card game, I have now graduated to puncture-proof tires. Or at least tubes. Mike at the bike shop recommended the thorn-proof tube to me as an answer to my persistent rear-wheel flats. The Mr. Tuffy, he says, can cause friction punctures at its edges. So far so good; I've gone maybe 10 miles since with no flats.

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Flat Fix (10 minutes)

I got a flat on the Williamsburg Bridge yesterday afternoon on my way into Manhattan to visit my girlfriend. I had ridden over the shards of glass twice before and made a mental note that I was sure to flat there soon. So I did.

Anyway, the good news is that I patched the tube and was back on the road (path, actually) in 10 minutes. I didn't bother to take off the rear wheel, but instead found the shard of glass in the tire, removed it, and patched the hole in the tube underneath. There are now two patches on the current rear tube.

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red snapper postscript

So I washed out the steamer pot, and it still smelled of fish. So the next morning I put the pot back on the stove, added baking soda to the water, and lit the fire to see if having boiling water in it would help remove the smell. I left home, spent the night at my girlfriend's and came home to find the house overly warm and the fire still lit. Amazingly, the pot isn't all completely blackened through. Itwould have been funny, though, if my house burned down. Ha. smiley - smiley

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