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millwall f.c. season 2010/11 championship


kick the season off at bristol city

score 3-0 to millwall great resultsmiley - magic

next league game home to hull city 14/8 2010

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girl's girl's girl's girl's girl's girl's girl's

it's christmas day and i've got the night off
so i will have a nice christmas dinner
a drop of single malt and some smiley - chocsmiley - cakesmiley - alesmiley - bubblysmiley - kisssmiley - smoochsmiley - hugsmiley - oksmiley - cheerssmiley - magic
properly end up smiley - run to the loo smiley - wahsmiley - wahsmiley - sadfacesmiley - laughsmiley - biggrinsmiley - smileysmiley - winkeyesmiley - ermsmiley - teasmiley - coffee
but end up having a good day .
then back to work smiley - wahsmiley - wahsmiley - wahsmiley - cheerupsmiley - tongueout

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when you think about it the amount of people killed
over the last 100 years it's millions.
all down to war. what a waste of life.
and now in the 21st centry we are still doing it
and we will be doing it in the next 1oo years
if we are still here ?smiley - erm

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i;m bored on h2g2

it's very boring on here some night's
you dont get to chat to any one
i can see why some people don't come back
there should be more to do on here
bbc should up date this site for the 21st centry
make it easier to up load stuff like photo's and games
is it just me who thinks like this or am i the odd one out here
don't get me wrong i do enjoy some of the threads on here
what do you think .smiley - erm

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another week over. off for seven days hope the
weather stays fine one more week at work
then i'm off to scotland for a fortnight
cant wait.

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