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Looks Like A Quiet Weekend

It has been very quiet this weekend. The only places, to me, that are popular are people's journals. So if you are looking for a good conversation then pop into someone's - so long as it is suitable. smiley - smiley

It has been quiet here at home as well but that is because we are all trying to fight this cold. A few people seem to be taking a holiday, good for them. smiley - winkeye
One of which is Rich who is in Spain at the moment. It looks as though Bel is running the ship for The Post and talking of which The Post's next issue is a Christmas special and is going to be so until the 8th of January when, hopefully, h2g2 will be nice and busy again. smiley - smiley

Peer Review is also quiet and I have read that a few people aren't bothering anymore with writing guide entries anymore because of the recommending scheme.
I'm still sorting out my Quadratic Formula entry which needs to include a few more examples, my only problem is that I want to keep it simple as it is suppose to introduce the subject to someone who has either not been taught it or hasn't used it for a long time. smiley - smiley
It still needs to have the examples though so it is getting there. smiley - ok

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Something To Say - 4/12/08

Hi everybody. I looked at my journal entry list and realised that I haven't posted anything on it for 4 weeks. smiley - laugh

So let me see...What has happened recently?

Well at the moment we have all got colds here at home. I have just started one as have everybody else. smiley - rolleyes
I call a cold like this 'The Winter Flu' as I always get a flu during the winter. Earlier this year on exactly New Years Day, I came down with it and it was a stormer! Sore throat, blocked nose, and such a headache! I had to keep a toilet roll with me in bed when I was sleeping as I would usually wake up with a runny nose. Yes, not very pleasant I know. smiley - erm

I got another terrible flu like that during June, a week after my birthday. Apart from that, all I have had as a cold is a bit of nausea. So I think this is going to be my third terrible flu of the year. I hope I celebrate next year's New Years Day feeling a bit better and that is why I am a bit pleased that I have caught this flu because hopefully I can enjoy Christmas and New Years Day. smiley - bubbly

Today The Post celebrated its 9th birthday with a new issue and my cartoon that was suppose to be for the last issue has been put on this week's issue as well as my special birthday poem. So thankyou The Post for putting them on. smiley - cheers
If you read Rich's introductory speech you may have noticed that me and FB have entered five things for The Post and watch out there will be more! smiley - biggrin
After Gnomon's journal entry on why he should even bother entering anything more for The Post, there have been plenty of conversation going on so if you have entered anything for this week's issue be sure to subscribe imediately. Hopefully there has, and will be, more people reading it from now on after the know how that it is nine years old. smiley - smiley

Anyway enough about that subject because I could go on! If you want more please go on <./>ThePost</.> for more details as there are plenty including Bel's Random Ramblings article which tells you all about the going ons on h2g2 which I enjoy reading tremendiously. smiley - ok

Lately I have updated a h2g2 help page which you can see here at <./>DontPanic-Cool</.>. smiley - ok
At the moment I am updating three help pages, and two are currently in Peer Review and the other one is just waiting until the other ones have been approved.
I decided to do the project because I think it is a fantastic idea and I feel as though it would be wrong not to help out when I can. smiley - smiley

I have got one guide entry in Peer Review at the moment called The Quadratic Formula and two guide entries progress to be edited. My Hawksbill Turtles guide entry has been waiting for more than a week in the recommended zone and I hope that it is taken on soon. I can understand, though, that this month is a very busy time as it is Christmas, and believe, I know. So no pressure, yet. smiley - laugh

One final note, Rich - The Post's knight in shining armour - is taken on a big challenge as to visit every researcher on h2g2 during the weekend of next year on the 24th and the 27th of April to celebrate h2g2's tenth birthday. The birthday date is apparently the 28th of April and Rich is doing this to raise money for DNA's favourite charity. He is doing this in a...Rhino costume. smiley - laugh
I shouldn't laugh. smiley - laugh
I don't have a clue where the rhino costume idea came from but it is a darn good idea though. smiley - ok
We must remember that this is all for charity. More details can be found on his article in this week's issue of The Post where you can find out what he is actually planning to do and find the link to go to the map where you have to put a pin to show where you will be on those dates. smiley - goodluck
Good luck. smiley - ok

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My Help Page Update

My first help page has updated the old one. You can visit it hear at <./>DontPanic-Cool</.>. smiley - smiley

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My First Edited Guide Entry

My Russian Checkers Guide entry has been recommended and I am really pleased. smiley - bubbly
It is my first. smiley - smiley
I would like to say thankyou to whoever recommended it. smiley - cheers

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My First Edited Guide Entry

My Russian Checkers guide entry has been recommended and I am so pleased because it is my first. smiley - smiley
So I would like to say thankyou to whoever recommended it. smiley - ale

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