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Last Post on BBC - A Happy One

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Well, who knows if this really is my last post under the BBC rule. But no matter, here comes the HAPPY bit.

On Friday, Sep.16, at 17:41 German Time, Little Miss Y entered the world. Little Miss Y was born after 29 hours of labour, eyes looking up towards the skies (such babies are called Stargazers in German), weighing in at 3.5 kg and stretching out to 52 cm.

Every single moment since then she has brought us bliss and magic. And oddly colored diapers and high levels of bilirubin (they call it neonatal jaundice, I guess). The diaper situation will continue for a while, the bili levels will, hopefully, be down by next weekend. The joy and bliss and magic will never go away.


Last Post on BBC - A Happy One

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Sho - gainfully employed again

oh It's so great to hear from you again and with such happy news! Congratulations to you and your family smiley - bubbly

Last Post on BBC - A Happy One

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Lady Pennywhistle - Back with a vengeance! [for a certain, limited value of Vengeance; actual amounts of Vengeance may vary]

smiley - cracker Congratulations!

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Last Post on BBC - A Happy One

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