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decided to pay you a courtesy call, since you've been around my place smiley - smiley have read one or two of your articles - neat stuff! i most definitely agree with you listing '2001: a space odyssey' as a movie that moves people. (i think 'zarathustra' is responsible for a significant portion of it. i've been to a live performance of the music and it was like - omg - it just blew me away) have you watched 'the legend of 1900', though? it's pretty darned good as well, thought you might like to check it out.

anyway, thanks for coming by my place! smiley - cheers i'll see you around.

re: movies that move you

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Zarniroop (er.... I'll think of something amusing to put here soon!)

smiley - tea? smiley - cake ?

Thanks for dropping round!
Dunno if u know how collabritive entries work but the only bit of the movies entry that i wrote was the bit about "The Africa Queen"!
2001 is a crucial movie tho smiley - ok Never heard of the 'the legend of 1900'

How ya finding things here anyway?


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the h2g2? it's like an addiction. sometimes late at night, when the lights are out, i can hear the electrons calling out to me to reach for the switch... they want me to turn on my computer and log on... then when i get there and start reading, it's like - i can't stop, you know? one thing leads to another, one link leads to another... and i keep on reading and scrolling and reading until... until my eyes are watering for lack of blinking and my hands are seizing up because of the carpal tunnel syndrome that sets in, and yet.. i can't stop... it's gotten hold of me...... aargh, help....

i'm just kidding. it's great here. like the articles, like the people. have been wanting to be part of the h2g2 community ever since i first heard of it! smiley - biggrin

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re: movies that move you

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