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i feel like a whore

i'm seriously opposed to - amongst other things - multinational companies, the chemical industry, PVC products, the exploitation of a female employees and these companies who hire out workers to other companies (dunno what they're called in english and don't feel like walking all the way downstaris to get the dictionary). yet i'm on a contract with one of these companies right now, and i'm typing and making coffee for my bosses who work in a pvc-additive producing subsidiary company of one of the biggest chemical enterprises on this planet. and i'm neglecting uni, too.. and all because i need the money so badly to satisfy my consumer needs--- i feel like a whore... smiley - sadface anyone in the same situation? smiley - smiley

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Well... should i introduce myself? I know it does nothing to keep the the mysterious and strange image connected with my first name in here, but, heck, who isn't schizophrenic in these strange days... So here we go:

I love:

My significant other
R.E.M. (and I firmly include Bill here)
Music in General (real music that is)
My guitars (three acoustics (a) Lucille, my old maple concert guitar I have strung with D'Ardarrio 0.009 electric strings and use mainly for Blues, (b) Ms.Buck, a 1988 Ibanez PF 1012 that does lovely as a Mandolin substitute (very good for Green and OOT stuff) and sounds a bit like a Rickenbacker and (c) Michael, an extremely small, sleek and sexy Borinwood with a cutaway body and a Strat-style neck, sunburst finish, if you saw it you'd know why i called it Michael. IT ROCKS!)
Guitars in general (esp. Ricks and Strats)
Mercedes cars
Good food
Being on the road
Making up sexy little stories about MIchael Stipe
Culture and literature and stuff
The DNA canon
Collecting Vinyl

I hate:

Bad Food
Brussle Sprouts
Being stuck

I have large blue eyes the same tint as Michael Stipe, and I sing when I don't study English...
Any further questions will be answered by request... smiley - winkeye

smiley - smiley


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