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I take pride in the fact...

...that Peer Review was featured under the '5 most busy conversations' on the h2g2 front page for two days in a row. After all, I was not un-involved, so to speak.

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Latest reply: Dec 17, 2000

Hardware Failure

My computer won`t boot any more -- I`m writing this from an internet cafe. Could last a few days until I`ve got the system up and running again smiley - sadfacesmiley - sadfacesmiley - sadface

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Latest reply: Dec 11, 2000

That Was Fine!

Just returning from the South-German H2G2 Meeting, I'd want to thank all of you participients for this, err, gelungene Veranstaltung, and especially Engländer for arranging everything. Well Done!

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Latest reply: Dec 10, 2000

Questions on Progress, Technology, and Crap

How long ago did Intel invent the 80386 processor with /hardware/ capability to keep bad tasks from hampering the operating systems?
Was it 10 years? 15 years?
How long did KleinWeich (aka Micro$oft) have the chance to make good use of that?
Any maker of kitchen knives is being held responsible for any damage resulting from the use of their product (if not today, then surely tomorrow), but software license agreements tell a different story
So how is it possible for some WeichWare (aka software) like Netscape to scramble hard disks and kill the whole system, and keep it from rebooting?

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Latest reply: Nov 12, 2000

Homeplace in the Guide

So why is this guy talking about himself in the third person? Nobody else does it. Is He Friedrich the Great? He thinks He should fix that.

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Latest reply: Sep 11, 2000

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