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That's what it says on the h2g2 Index page at <./>C45</.> right now. Does that mean it's against the law to write more entries about Germany?

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Latest reply: Jan 11, 2003

I've been 'towered' !

That is to say, I've been given the honours to visit the holy grail aka the Towers aka the place where the Italics reside smiley - biggrin

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Latest reply: Jul 25, 2002

Wooo-hoo !!!

Just did a google search for 'range gate pull-off'. Listed *first* in the results page was .... A637535smiley - biggrin

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Service Interruption

Just in case anybody wonders...

I won't be doing too much on site (especially on PR) for the next time. Perhaps a Haiku here or there but otherwise it's about time to finish that Radar project thing...

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... da tuffff, rom-podom-ta-radadadadadada-daddda-tom, ta-tommmmm, ping ping ping donnnnng hummmm ping ping donnnnng radadadada-daddda zooong

Err, excuse me. Just returned from a Kodo concert.

Ta domm domm dommmmmmmm ping domm doooooooooouuuuum rom podom podom tsssssh dommm ponnnnnng donng

No - it wasn't a concert. It was an experience! smiley - biggrin


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Latest reply: Nov 22, 2001

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