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Dropping Slinkies

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Hi Al I wrote the first version of the h2g2 Entry on the Slinky Drop. I guess Googling that or similar is what brought you to the site, but in case you didn't. it's here : A37235784 When the original piece was posted, there was some debate about the physics and other stuff (Entries for the Guide are all refined by this Peer Review process). You can find the discussion here if you're interested: There's a fair amount of popular science of a similar sort around the site. The Slinky Drop was inspired by this one: A36353126. You might also be interested in this group on the site: A4108330 There's plenty more here of course. In fact it goes on for ever, on all kinds of subjects and for all tastes. See you around Pin

Dropping Slinkies

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Thanks. I'm still researching. I want my students to record a slow-motion video, write up a concept piece and an example (using measurements and calculations, including uncertainties) of a drop.
Then post it on h2g2. Video on YouTube. Is this scenario proper for h2g2?

Conversations welcome.

Allen Fenderson
Physics Instructor
Lawrence Technological University
Southfield MI. USA smiley - biggrin

Dropping Slinkies

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Hi Al

I guess what you need to enthuse your students is a permanent and prominent web-record of their exploits.
h2g2 will surely welcome this, but you have to decide whether the site's prominence and functionality (graphics, look, reputation etc) is what you need.
Anyway, I've sought further opinion: F2124169?thread=5863362
Watch this space.

Pinsmiley - smiley

(after Monday, I've got a heavy schedule of travel for 2 weeks and may not get to h2g2 much or indeed at all. If I don't reply in that period, don't think I'm ignoring you!)

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Dropping Slinkies

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