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The Phonetic, Synoptic, Galilean Blues. An h2g2/GoHL classic. Love the sounds and the words, and very secure to see kittie at the end there, smiley - cat.

A delight!!!

smiley - redwine

I think I might try to write in a loop. Like, a couple of paragraphs that somehow begin where they end, with an almost-story in between.

Hmmm. See what happens.

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Just thinking of another writer in a class like that, James Branch Cabell and his work "Chivalry"* an anthology of original stories set in the middle ages.

Very heady stuff, not the kind of thing I could read through in a single sitting, instead, one story at a time with rests between.

*Available free of charge at Gutenberg Books.

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I think you could write a poem that does that.smiley - erm

There are certainly poetic forms, like the villanelle and the pantoum that have repeated lines. Then, of course, those feed into music.

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Thanks for the insights and knowledge, both! I must study more this interesting art form.

As for my loopy literary endeavours, all I have at the moment is a life size ceramic seagull in an art gallery, a black cat that jumps through the skylight in the middle of the night, a life size ceramic seagull consequently in twenty seven broken pieces, and a gap at the end where the story fails to loop or even make its point. smiley - rofl

Knowing me I'll write a loop about a loop which fails to loop. smiley - rofl

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Dmitri Gheorgheni

Be sure to listen to the new 40th-anniversary Hitchhiker's on BBC radio for inspiration. smiley - smiley

They called us at the last minute, asking for a 'superfan' to interview. We sent Robbie - he was the only one who could get to Bush House on time. smiley - winkeye

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Bush House?? My first job was there, in the 70s! BBC World Service.

Ah Bush House. Splendid building. It had a 24 hr canteen.

Excellent! Well done, Robbie! But what's he doing in Bush House? The BBC doesn't live there any more, I thought. Who does live there now? I hope he went to the right address. smiley - rofl Did you give him the right address?

smiley - rofl

Seriously though, a fine 40 yr anniversary to celebrate.

smiley - magicsmiley - pggbsmiley - bubbly

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Dmitri Gheorgheni

smiley - rofl He said it went fine. Should be on Radio 5 at 10.15.

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Dmitri Gheorgheni

Oh, here's the programme:

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I listened to the Hitch-hikers Guide-Hexagonal Phase on the radio yesterday.

There were so many 'Whizz Bang, where are we? What dimension are we in?' moments, I ended up quite smiley - headhurts

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Post 5570

Dmitri Gheorgheni

smiley - laugh I found it confusing, myself.

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Does sound a bit confusing. smiley - huh I haven't listened yet.

Morning all! I'm still working on my chocolate induced, brain healing life's work, smiley - chocsmiley - roflsmiley - rofl, haha. smiley - musicalnotesmiley - musicalnote

My internet shyness has taken over a bit at the moment, because I'm opening up my delicate and ancient brain, so I am tending to store tapes and whispers under my pillow like a deranged hamster. smiley - hamstersmiley - hamster For now at least.

smiley - coffee

Also been in Cornwall for the weekend, helping to integrate my niece into her new job.

I do have an arty photo of a Burmese rope bridge from the Lost Gardens of Heligan. Heligan is soooo beautiful.

You can walk over the bridge, it sways above the tops of palm trees. I rather fear the history of the rope bridge, does it suggest POWs building railways in the searing heat? Hope not.

Well, it doesn't in Heligan. Nice bridge there. Might send to Ed.

And there was a daffodil festival there, the atmosphere was full of yellow fragrance.

smiley - coffee

And then the next Beast from the East arrived. smiley - snowball On return there were no taxis at the station so I had to walk home across the city, pulling my wheelie bag through deep snow like some mad lady who has spent 20 years in a cabin in the Antactic, living on melted ice and omelette hallucinations.

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I could do with some chocolatesmiley - choc induced brain healing!

if I go rummaging in my brain, as in an attic full of junk, what do I find?

A primary school in Rugby, where I was in trouble because of my untidy writing smiley - groan
A secondary school in Chislehurst, South London, where I failed to fit in smiley - groan
A university in Aberystwyth, which I enjoyed smiley - smileybut I don't think the standards were very high.
Assorted desk jobs in the civil service, where I survived because I could write most things. smiley - biro

And a smiley - ghost.

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That's a rather fine little biography, mvp! smiley - rofl.

I need a few chapters on the ghost smiley - ghost please.

I'm going to try to do that now, write a potted biography in a few sentences. A life sandwich. What has happened and will happen in between the entrance and the exit.

What sandwich fillings could represent my life?

smiley - coffee

Right now I'm a coleslaw sandwich. I feel like a shredded cabbage with extra bits. Nice coleslaw, its just quite nervy and exciting. This is because we've decided to move house, and relocate from the South West, where we've been for over thirty years, to the South East, from whence I cometh. We've been thinking about this for a while, but this is the time.

So, I know I haven't been around much, doing me off-computer life's work, but now I will probably not be around much for the next few months, because of coleslaw.

smiley - huh

However, I will keep in touch, probably read h2g2 from my phone at 3am to calm me, smiley - rofl, we will always have Paris and email, (does that come from Casablanca, the quote about always having Paris?) and I can definitely continue to send pics to contribute to The Post smiley - thepost from said phone, its just that I might not be around to respond to comments.

So here's to it! smiley - redwine Eeek, change is scary, but the river flows on. And we have to flow with it while we have flow left in us.

Sort of thing.

smiley - kisssmiley - kisssmiley - kiss

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It's good to hear from you cactuscafe! smiley - biggrin

smiley - goodluck with the move. Please don't go away altogether smiley - grovel.

Come back occasionally for smiley - coffee and smiley - cake and stories smiley - book and smiley - laughand craziness smiley - nahnah.

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