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awww thanks mvp! smiley - kiss

So, I'm back now.

Checked the FWR Heavy Leslie masterpiece all the way from Lewes on Sea, or no, wait that's Bexhill on Sea, in the Post smiley - thepost on Saturday, before I even took me boots off.

Amazing. Will read again. I love it.

Just started on Pics From A Small Planet. I'm on Pic No 1. I met Minions. Now I have to get over the experience, because I'd never heard of Minions. smiley - rofl

Then onto everyone's NaJo journals, all links welcome, otherwise I'll find you via telepathy and caffeinated intuition.

In two weeks time I should be fully initiated.

smiley - coffee

What about family trees then?

My niece and I were working on them, whilst on the road in Cornwall. She creates fictional trees, for all the stories she has pending in her head. She is currently working on 172 backstories, for various characters.

We tried to work on our actual family tree, but I got spooked by ancestors with sharp claws perching precariously in the branches,and had to give it up.

I started to work on a fictional one for Ralph, my poet angel who eats pizza in neon lit cafes and stands on bridges watching imaginary rivers.

Oh no, wait, the rivers are real, its just Ralph who is imaginary.

Anyway, his family tree was quite interesting.

Will tell all.

Have to go right now. smiley - run

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It's nice to see you back, Cactuscafe.

I know what you mean about family trees - that you might find murderers, slave-ship captains or war lords. smiley - yikes Although, if you did, you could always tell yourself that, actually, you've turned out all right!

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Post 5143

Dmitri Gheorgheni

I'm always finding weird things in the family tree - like a distant relation to Elvis, or the guy that was hanged by the Puritans in this battle: A87870810

My great-aunt once told me that we might not approve of everything those people got up to, but they were certainly interesting to know about. smiley - winkeye Wise lady, my Aunt Nan.

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Post 5144


Evening all! Interesting insights into the family tree situation.

Yes, I guess the art is to be able to confront the family tree.

And as Aunt Nan says, there are interesting stories perching on the branches.

A distant relation to Elvis? Get your white suit and shades out smiley - rofl.

Poor Elvis, all that attention didn't do him any good in the end, I often feel quite sorry for him.

I often think about Elvis impersonators. What's it like to be one?

smiley - redwine

Talking of family trees, there's this great TV programme called Who Do You Think You Are? Someone well known is featured each week, tracking down their ancestors.

The one with Ruby Wax was really intense. Her family were Jewish Austrian, her parents escaped the Nazis, but some of her other relations didn't.

And she found out that her Great Grandmother and her Great Aunt were both committed to mental asylums, which gave her insights into her own struggle with depression.

smiley - redwine

So Ralph's family tree. Well, for days it was just the name Ralph written in the centre of the page with a circle around it, no relations, no roots, no nothing. smiley - rofl. Ralph in the void. I kind of liked it in fact. My niece thought it was artistic, in a minimalist kind of a way.

Then I started to doodle a diagram with elements and emotions, instead of people, like Nervous, Vision, Insight etc.

Quite stupid really, kind of funny. Uncle Insight and Aunt Nervous? smiley - rofl.

Poor Ralph, the child of Agitation and Joyous, not sure if he comes from any people. smiley - rofl.

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Post 5145


smiley - smileyShades of Bulwer-Lytton "The Coming Race", interesting for strange family trees, in which Bulwer-Lytton's aliens, underground natives of the State of Virginia, USA thought they were descended from frogs.

However strange it may seem, I thought so myself once.smiley - biggrin

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Post 5146



Frogs??? smiley - rofl I like it, ITI. Wait, back in next posting, to consider this further. First I have to consider my Christmas reading, which I just sorted out.

smiley - book

I might get the Beano annual. Being such an intelligent individual.

smiley - book

Also, though, I ordered this weird looking book from Amazon USA, something about Space and Space Travel, lots of articles and illustrations, edited by an interesting sounding chap named Dmitri Gheorgheni.

No idea what it is, or who these people are, but they sound like my type of folks.

If I'm lucky it'll arrive by the end of Nov. That could be Nov 2018 of course, things get caught up in customs, and eventually arrive with lots of funny labels and stickers on them.

Will this Dmitri Gheorgheni clear customs, this is my question.

smiley - rofl hahahohoho smiley - holly

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Post 5147


Frogs. You should read ITIWBS' NaJoPoMo about the giant electrical bullfrog. Personally, I'm inclined to smiley - run

I've got my copy of the weird smiley - book on Space and Space Travel. Looks good.smiley - ok

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Post 5148


You thought you were descended from frogs, ITI? I like it. We might be related.

My father Jeremiah was a bullfrog (smiley - musicalnote hahaha, who did write that song?) but my mother was an hallucinogenic tree frog, so family gatherings were always interesting.

smiley - frog There's a frog smiley?? Is this new???

smiley - frogsmiley - frogsmiley - frogsmiley - frogsmiley - frog

Oh happy days.

The Coming Race. I should order that along with my other strange Christmas reading.

smiley - coffee

Later last night I got quite into my Ralph family tree, but then I realised a fatal philosophical flaw.

No element/emotion is static. Also they don't exist alone. They are interdependent. They are part of other emotions and elements.

Discuss. Or not.

Like if Ralph's father was Agitation, he might also be Anxiety. Or even Possibility. Or quite a lot of other things, all at the same time.

This ruins everything. Or does it?

I can't believe I am quite seriously having this conversation. smiley - rofl

Mind you, the dodgy tree frogs from my mother's side of the family used to say that one should encourage the brain to produce as many absurd visions as possible, before one croaks.

Croaks. haha smiley - frog


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Post 5149


Hullo mvp! You were posting, and mentioning ITI's bullfrogs smiley - huh, I love it, while I was quite independently going on about bullfrogs.

smiley - frog This proves that synchronicity is alive and hopping.

You have the book?? Is it better than the Beano annual??? smiley - rofl

Oh, lunch. smiley - run


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Post 5150

Dmitri Gheorgheni

I have never failed to clear customs, even during the Cold War. smiley - rofl

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Post 5151


smiley - roflsmiley - angelsmiley - kiss

I'd walk on water if I had to, all the way across the Atlantic, to pick up my copy!!!

Can't wait till the end of November, although Santa might not let me open it till Christmas Day, 'cos he wants to read it himself first. Grrr.

smiley - booksmiley - holly

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Post 5152

Dmitri Gheorgheni

smiley - rofl I don't think it will take that long.

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Post 5153


I'll read it when I've finished NaJoPoMo. smiley - ok

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Post 5154


How's your NaJoPoMo journal going, mvp?

I'm intending to read it, and others also, after I've done me Pics from a Small Planet, probably about the time the snowdrops appear smiley - snowdrop, or hopefully sooner. smiley - rofl

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Post 5155


That's like your NaJoPoMo journal that I'm intending to read, I can find it in your PS I think? I'll find my way when the time comes.

Oh its sooo creative on the site at the moment!

And then The Book smiley - book of course, but that will get hidden till Christmas, which is quite annoying, although I shall raid Santa's grotto while he's out playing poker and read it anyway. smiley - rofl

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Post 5156

Dmitri Gheorgheni

To find the NaJos: Go to this link: A87897406

That's the Post Editorial Page for 6 November. Click on the names on the list. You will find the journals. smiley - smiley

That's why we made them make the A-numbers. smiley - winkeye

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Post 5157


Ah, excellent! Thanks Ed! smiley - kiss

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Post 5158


mvp, your photo in Pics from a Small Planet, from the Bronte museum, is attracting a fascinating debate. I'm very grateful for the questions you've raised.

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