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Mary Poppins

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Interesting. About all the films. I also saw Saving Mr Banks, I didn't warm to it for some reason, don't know why ..

So PL Travers was influenced by Gurdjieff! I never knew this, or about any of his followers.

Now I found a list of other followers, Kate Bush, Robert Fripp, PD Ouspensky, David Sylvian, Alan Watts, Frank Lloyd Wright, to name but a few.

smiley - coffee

If I wanted to be a follower he would have to compress his thoughts. smiley - rofl

Tbh Gurdjieff has only ever been a name to me. I saw him mentioned in this book I'm (attempting to) read, called The Hermetic Code in DNA, The Sacred Principles in the Ordering of the Universe, by Michael Hayes.

I don't understand a word, naturally smiley - rofl, but I like the frequency and vibe, numbers and things. And the list of chapter headings. For example:

The Electron and the Holy Ghost
Further Light
Extraterrestial DNA
Inner Octaves
The Holographic Principle

etc. I'm only in it for the chapter headings. smiley - rofl. Good for setting to a rhythm.

smiley - coffee

Point is ..

The point is in the next posting. I think. Actually maybe it isn't. smiley - rofl

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So there's no point???

The point is ...

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whoah, site tried to crash again when I posted, but I saved it. Hullo site!

smiley - redwine

Point is ...

Actually there isn't one, but the mention of Gurdjieff in my book made me chuckle. Michael Hayes (author) writes in the intro about Beezlebub's Tales To His Grandson, how its reeeeely long, with peculiar made up words in it, and students had to read it three times.

smiley - redwine

Back to the Romans for a minute.

I wonder what colloquial, everyday Latin sounded like? Roman banter.

Then I thought about the lady who saw the ghost of a Roman soldier on her lawn.

How to say in Latin, 'Scuse me mate, there's no socialising with other households, or even other civilisations, at the moment. And remember your mask and vacc certificate next time you appear.'

The point!!

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Yes!! Hullo Mister FWR! Perhaps there is a point! There is? Erm. Definitely.

Its like the universe is all vibrating and everything. Kind of like music. Bit awesome really. Which is why Gurdjieff turned up in my book. Cos I think he was into all that.

The point!!

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If I had to read his book three times though I'd need the vibrational edition. Or the holographic edition. smiley - rofl

The point is ...

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I day dreamed my way through my Latin O Levels, and the result showed! (sum non solicitat!)

The point is ...

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heheh. smiley - rofl

Me too, I didn't do so well in my Latin O level studies. Actually, I don't think I even got as far as the exam.

I can say viaduct. smiley - rofl

I am kind of interested in Latin now though. I might try to find a late starters course. Elementary level. BBC bite size. Good learning that BBC bite size. I'm on level two. I found out what soil is the other day. smiley - rofl Because I was wondering how soil appears on top of archeological finds.

The point is ...

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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Not Banned in China

I had a whole baseball team at the college where I taught Latin. They were kind of bored by it, so I told them to read Cherryh's 'Legions of Hell'. It had lots of Latin cuss words in...

Their attention vastly improved once they learned how to say unprintable insults in the ancient tongue. smiley - angel

Of course, I got in trouble when I forgot to remove the 'extra credit' question from the blackboard, and the biology prof lady saw it...this was a college run by Benedictine monks...smiley - whistle

The point is ...

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You were a cool teacher then. We had the same for English Lit and Latin, the guy was, well zzz zzz... Poetry and Shakespeare.

Can remember *the stumbling regiments of aged pedagogues*

And *til your hand in mine changes not*

That's it. U. Thanks.

The point is ...

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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Not Banned in China

smiley - rofl

The point is ...

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paulh, making lemonade from the lemons that life has given me

" I thought about the lady who saw the ghost of a Roman soldier on her lawn. How to say in Latin, 'Scuse me mate, there's no socialising with other households, or even other civilisations, at the moment. And remember your mask and vacc certificate next time you appear.'"

smiley - laugh

I wouldn't think that ghosts could wear masks or get infected.

But, yes, the Romans had masks, large ones that covered the face and the head. Did they wear them to avoid the "plague" (smallpox?) that wiped out 15% of the Roman population in 183 B.C.? Well, they believed in herbal remedies. The ancients had lead in their pipes, malaria in their swamps, and other health threats

Doctors in Rome wore beaked masks during the Plague of 1656. They weren't especially effective. smiley - tongueout

Sometimes destiny sticks its tongue out at you.

By the way, ancient Romans used urine to whiten their teeth. I expect that you wouldn't like the way that Roman soldier smelled

The point is ...

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Hi Cactuscafe. It's good to see you back again. smiley - hug

There used to be a jingle that went:

'Latin is a language, as dead as dead can be.
It killed the ancient Romans and now it's killing me'

I'd recommend Robert Harris's Pompeii for an insight in how the Romans lived, and a good story.smiley - smiley

The point is ...

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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Not Banned in China

Yes, I liked that one. smiley - smiley

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