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Sugar Puffs!!!

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Afternoon all! smiley - kisssmiley - kiss

I drifted off to think about custard for a few hours, and it took me about a month to return.

Ah well, have to have a laugh. smiley - rofl Its in the spirit of hootoo I reckon, though.

She went out to think about custard for a few hours, and returned a month later with a new name, a dry cleaning franchise and a pet rat.

Actually, that is complete nonsense. No, really? smiley - rofl

To be honest, I disappear sometimes to sit in corners with my notebook, which is my vocation and now has involved a green biro. More about that later.

To be further honest, as you know, I sometimes get into various hissy fizzy tizwaz turmoils about the internet and feel the most awful over exposure.

The more the h2g2 profile grows on social media, (which I'm really pleased about for everyone!!), the more I will retreat.

If I can let myself just be, like, here in my journal, and go on about nothing and everything, without thought of having to be a Researcher, or having to produce output, or having to contribute further to the site, then I am fine.

So, having cleared all that, (and I know I'm reeely annoying, smiley - rofl), I'll be here when the pressure leaves me, which it has at the moment, so I am free to think about sugar puffs. And other things.

Sugar puffs!! Ohmigod! Sugar puffs were amazing!!! They do go along with Bird's custard in fact. Not that you ate them together, eeeerugh, although ... hmmm ... (good recipe) smiley - rofl, but they were from that same time.

Although they went really soggy when you put milk all over them.

I think I need to print out some fried eggs. There is no reason for this, except for to marvel. I marvel at the artistic miracle that are smileys.

smiley - friedeggsmiley - friedeggsmiley - friedeggsmiley - friedegg

Mvp's incredible desert island beach cafe

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Hullo Sasha!! smiley - kiss

Ah right, the picture!! Thanks! I'll check that! Bookmarks, Tesco dreams, and .. and Sugar Puffs!!! You eat Sugar Puffs??? You can still get them? How amazing. They have done a generational jump.

I wonder where else you can get Sugar Puffs? Like, in which dimension?

(thinks about this)

I love it when I'm not screwing up my head with pressure to produce great art. Or any art. smiley - rofl I free myself to write all sorts of things, have about seven thousand daydreams per second. Now I'm into the Sugar Puff Galaxy.

Enid Blyton!!!

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heheh I like it, mpv. Nice poem. smiley - rofl

smiley - kisssmiley - kisssmiley - kiss

Mvp's incredible desert island beach cafe

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FWR (make America cloudy again!)

Good to have you back!

The thing I like about here, in this small bit of the omniverse, is there's no pressure to produce anything...unless you're GoHL, that's a given....all the create and Post challenges are just that, do them if you dare, or are a masochist...or don't...if you're a Sugar Puff..btw Aldi's Honey Puffs are better!

...and erm, no pressure...but I really hope you sent in that poster photo...spooky!

I shall brush the brogues off in anticipation!

smiley - smoochsmiley - hugsmiley - magic

Sugar Puffs!!!

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paulh. Antisocial distancing works a well as the Social kind

"The more the h2g2 profile grows on social media, (which I'm really pleased about for everyone!!), the more I will retreat." [Cactuscafe]

Does that mean that people on Facebook, etc., are reading H2G2?

The Sugar Puff recipe

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Hullo paulh! smiley - kiss Aww thanks. See above posting about me going weird sometimes, and having to disappear to restore my soul.

Ah! The sugar puff custard recipe!! You are a visionary, and got there before me. Damn. Now you'll be famous and I won't. heheh.

I wonder how famous people cope with being famous? I guess there's part of me would quite like to swish about being famous, but actually, probably not really, and I don't think I'd cope very well..hey, I can't even get out of my h2g2 journal without feeling over exposed, like an x-ray.

I could be a famous ex-ray. That's interesting.

Almost. Sort of. Not really.

The Famous X Ray

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hey FWR, smiley - kiss Yes!! smiley - rofl I will.

Aww, and mvp and you wrote to me, and thanks, I am a very peculiar famous x-ray. smiley - rofl

Actually I think I'll become The Completely Unknown But Amiable X-Ray, put on a long black trench coat and walk about.

That's weird, I just dusted off my ladies brogues, about an hour ago, wore them to go to town to buy apples.

Which is mildly interesting.

smiley - applesmiley - applesmiley - apple

The Sugar Puff recipe

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paulh. Antisocial distancing works a well as the Social kind

do people on social media talk about what's posted here?

Congrats to the Meadows!

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Congrats to the Meadows!! Well done, paulh! I will never catch up, but I will check in on you in the next few days...

The Last Rose of Summer! Will check this, smiley - musicalnote

hullo Mister D smiley - kisssmiley - kiss!!

And Aldi's Honey Puffs. Hullo Aldi's Honey Puffs!


And I never yet got on my green biro.

I will return. Later. Like, soon. In twenty seven years. Actually earlier than that.

Congrats to the Meadows!

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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Not Banned in China

>>do people on social media talk about what's posted here?<<

They do, yes. We post Post Stuff on social media, also Guide Stuff. People respond.

They usually come up with good captions. smiley - laugh Also, the Vogon Civil Service is on Twitter. We banter quite a bit.

The Vogon Civil Service

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heheh That's so funny, the Vogon Civil Service. smiley - rofl

Hullo ITI!

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Hullo ITI! How's things with you?

The Vogon Civil Service

Post 9493

FWR (make America cloudy again!)

Trying to get the hang of tweet thingy... But I am running Henry Letterbox's account!

The Vogon Civil Service

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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Not Banned in China

Which we follow. smiley - angel

The Vogon Civil Service

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FWR (make America cloudy again!)

Bleedin stalkers!

Social Media, Pinterest, Uni kids

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Its a miracle, the internet, social media is great, I guess everyone has their own way to go.

I know a few people though who don't have a social media presence, some who don't own a phone or a laptop, some who live on social media 24/7, my favourite ever rockstar doesn't have a social media presence, I guess it just depends.

I was talking to some kids the other day, they've just started university, and I was asking them how it was in these strange times.

They said well they can't party but at least they can study because their learning is all online anyway. They said they were wondering about life pre internet, what would they have done? We agreed it really in fact would have been a tragedy for education, because the Reference Libraries would have been closed, the bookshops ..

smiley - corncob

We met a friend the other day from the Centre where C worked, whom we hadn't seen for ages. He took a photo of us before we parted. Within an hour he emailed to say there'd already been over 60 international likes of the photo on Facebook, all people who'd known us from the 80s and they all said hullo, and we were like erm ....smiley - rofl help! run away smiley - run hahaha. The past beamed across the globe.

smiley - redwine

Earlier I just googled h2g2 cactuscafe because I lost my short cut, and saw Pinterest come up, with h2g2 cactuscafe and mention of some photos. Hmm. Interesting I thought, and got a bit scared. I actually have Pinterest app, I use it as an notice board, I love it, although prob won't check the photos if they're really there, perhaps it was a search thing. Teehee karma, I thought. Nervous old doughnut by mistake contributed to an app that she loves. smiley - rofl

The Vogon Civil Service

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Good to see you back here, CC! smiley - hug

I'm thinking of joining the Vogon Civil Service, but the application form is 42 pages long, has to be completed in hieroglyphs and delivered by hand to a small planet close to Alpha Centauri. smiley - sadface

The Vogon Civil Service

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FWR (make America cloudy again!)

You get some strange things popping up from the past!

I found a pic of me from 1978 in a French newspaper!

The bic biro/ Ah the green!

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A wonderful creation, the biro! And has a very splendid and interesting history, thank you Laszlo Biro.

And then there are the classic bic biros, blue, green, black, red. Used them as kid, doodle heaven, that pure inky line.

Anyway, the other day I saw a packet of them in the newsagent, a four pack, one in each colour, and bought them, and started to doodle words all over the page, ah! it took me back to where I'm meant to be, after all these years. Especially the green one. Ah the green!

smiley - redwine

An epiphanic biro moment.

And in the margin appeared a subconscious subculture who lived on a sub continent and had secret meetings beside an electricity sub station.

And no one has to worry about them. Especially me. smiley - rofl They're a green ink biro doodle. heheh.

smiley - redwine

The Vogon Civil Service

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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Not Banned in China

smiley - rofl Tell me it wasn't a Wanted poster, FWR.

smiley - laugh About the Pinterest page: that isn't us, exactly. Rosa Baggins is kind enough to put all the Post Stuff (and Guide Stuff) on Pinterest to get people to read us. smiley - smiley And that's the only reason your pictures would show up there, as far as I know.

Along with, probably, 500 Gheorgheniplexes. smiley - headhurts Some lunatic in South Asia stole some of my cartoons and made t-shirts out of them. So if you're in Madras and see one, you'll know why...

I don't know about you, but if we'd had to hide from a pandemic when I was at uni, we'd probably have all taken up meditation and tried to communicate telepathically...lord knows how that would have worked out...smiley - zen

I've just noticed my dad's name on a French site, but it was for the 'hommes de fer' of Metz, which he would have appreciated. smiley - smiley

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