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I'll dream of cheeze in Portugeeze

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paulh. Antisocial distancing works a well as the Social kind

I bought a breadfruit one time, and made it into something custardy. It tasted okay, but was not worth the high price I paid for the breadfruit.

I'll dream of cheeze in Portugeeze

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SashaQ - happysad and 'slightly mad'

Ah - interesting paulh smiley - ok

Yes, I've been to a lot of online meetings this last few months, and it is amusing to see people's houses. I have a plant behind me, as well, which pleases me when I see it in the little window at the bottom of the screen. I found some pictures of Epiphyllum online - 'droopy plant' is a good way of putting it smiley - laugh but I can imagine it looks quite spectacular when it is in flower smiley - ok Quite a few of my colleagues have bookcases that are good to see smiley - ok

I don't mind being in Café Stay Home but it is good to go to 'Café Mirage in our imaginations too smiley - biggrinsmiley - island

I'll dream of cheeze in Portugeeze

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paulh. Antisocial distancing works a well as the Social kind

My imagination is the only place I can really travel these days.

Melting clocks and Tesco deliveries

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Greetings all! smiley - kiss

Yes, indeed, mvp! And isn't it amazing how the brain creates the patchwork?! The ultimate patchworker! And for why? we wonder. We do? Well, I do.

I think my brain likes to see me trying to work it all out, when I wake up, like its a jigsaw.

If this piece fits here, then this next piece should fit beside it, but it doesn't, oh no! why is there a bunch of grapes where the blue sky piece should be?? smiley - huh Teehee goes the brain, and offers me a coffee.

Actually, I've never dreamt about a bunch of grapes floating through a blue sky. This would be a surrealist dream, and in fact ...

..cue a very significant thought ... dreams might be patchwork, but mine aren't really surreal. The scenes are believable, even if patchworked, and a bit odd, but not Dali type surreal. No melting clocks or Magritte or Max Ernst style imagery..

I guess if there was, I could paint the dream the next day, and become really reeeely famous.

smiley - coffee

The other night I had a dream about an all night Tesco (supermarket) delivery.smiley - rofl Like, Tesco trucks all night, delivering to the surrounding flats. Not to us though. Damn. I could have done with some free groceries.

My room does overlook the carpark of the block, but I asked a neighbour if Tesco had been doing all night deliveries, and she said erm .. no.

smiley - pony

So, mvp, were you actually sleepwalking, in the dream you mention?

Jesus and the dancing divas

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I had another interesting dream this week. Actually it was more interesting than the Tesco deliveries.

I was travelling with a friend, we were intending to visit someone, perhaps my uncle who died a few years ago. He was an unhappy man with a sharp edge, I never much liked him, I don't know why we were visiting him. We weren't sure how to find him. There was a big house in the distance, grey clouds, hills, a stony track we had to follow. So we started out on a rather weary hike, but ended up in a Spanish looking town,in front of a lovely church with white towers.

We could hear singing, a festival atmosphere, then all these beautiful dancers came out of the church, divas and drag queens and theatre people, all wearing feather boas and sparkles. They did a glitzy show just for us.smiley - divasmiley - diva

Then, a window high up on one of the towers opened up like the hatch on a cuckoo clock, and a larger than life statue of Jesus appeared, with one had raised, like he was waving. His robes were painted in shining gold and blue and orange, and he had a lovely smile.

The statue stayed for a while, then went back in, and the window closed.

Then I woke up. I was glad. I didn't want to go back on that stony track, in search of an unhappy person.

It was amazing, and I chuckled all day when I thought of this image.

Mvp's incredible desert island beach cafe

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Hullo Sasha!

Nice thoughts of quince and breadfruit!

And lovely bookmark descriptions! You embroidered one yourself? That's amazing! I wonder what the design was?

I have a few bookmarks that I've collected over the years, but they're never in the book. smiley - rofl They're never around when I need them. I have scruffy scraps of paper instead, sometimes with shopping lists written on them. Or masterworks. smiley - rofl. Usually shopping lists though.

(dreams up a dialogue with a bookmark)

Me: Why are you never around when I need you?

Bookmark: Because you lost me. Now you've lost your place in your own life story.

Me: No I haven't. I'm very found in fact. I know exactly where I am. Actually you're right. I'm lost without you. Can I find you again please? I think I love you.

Bookmark: I was tucked into the book you gave to the charity shop last week. I have a new life now, I'm involved with another story.

Me: Oh no! (Wonders how to lure back the bookmark. Plans a fifteen volume novel about karma, entitled I am Calmer Than My Karma.

Bookmark: Where is this dialogue going?

Me: Nowhere at the moment, but I'll find my place, you mark my words.

Bookmark: Hahaha mark my words. That's good. OK, find me on the floor under the counter at the charity shop. Someone bought the book but I fell out at the till, and to be honest, its a bit dark under here.

Me: (Goes all calm) Karma

smiley - coffee

End of completely pointless dialogue with a bookmark

Off to check Sasha's scary link

Enid Blyton!!!

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The Famous Five! I remember them! (stares at link) Where's the scary face at the window???

I was brought up on the Malory Towers books. smiley - rofl I thought boarding school would be like them.

It wasn't ....

Will search later for the face at the window!! ....


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Custardy breadfruit?

I'm hungry now. smiley - drool

I like custardy things.

Except for custard.

Actually, I love custard!! Bird's custard powder. I just haven't eaten it in years. I remember a wholefood custard we used to eat in the 80s

Have to go, will return to consider more things, including custard memories ....

smiley - run

Enid Blyton!!!

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FWR (make America cloudy again!)

Sugar puffs! Just tweeted sugar puffs, haven't had them for decades, same as Bird's custard. (not having them for decades is the same, not sugar puffs are the same as custard, that'd be daft!)

Mvp's incredible desert island beach cafe

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SashaQ - happysad and 'slightly mad'

Hullo cc xx

The Tesco delivery dream is very funny! "erm .. no" smiley - rofl The dream smiley - diva show just for you sounds lovely smiley - magic

Great dialogue with the bookmark, too! My embroidered bookmark is a Celtic knotwork design so I enjoyed making it and it goes well with the Celtic calligraphy bookmark - I don't know exactly where it is at the moment, as you say - possibly it is in a book, or possibly in a drawer with other crafts. I do know the other two bookmarks are in books, but not the book I'm currently reading smiley - laugh

Sorry the link wasn't clear - the face at the window is the picture called 'Anne saw something that gave her a terrible shock' (the 5th picture)

I'm not very keen on custard, but I do like Sugar Puffs smiley - biggrin I eat them like popcorn. smiley - popcorn

Enid Blyton!!!

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So life is a patchwork,
held together with bookmarks,
which Tesco's drivers deliver,
with custard and Sugar Puffs? smiley - erm

Enid Blyton!!!

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paulh. Antisocial distancing works a well as the Social kind

If custard can be made with grape buts, surely it can be made with sugar puffs.

Enid Blyton!!!

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paulh. Antisocial distancing works a well as the Social kind

CactusCafe, the spotlight n Crepuscular Meadows series has reached the 100 mar today, and features "The last rose of Summer."

Dmitri, if you are reading this, could you tell me whether you have a done a video to the tune of "Last rose of Summer"? If not, that's fine but having a video would add to the spotlight.

Enid Blyton!!!

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paulh. Antisocial distancing works a well as the Social kind

Or, I could scrounge on Youtube and add a link....

Enid Blyton!!!

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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Not Banned in China

No, I never did 'The Last Rose of Summer'. I'll see if I can find it.

Here's one by one of the three Irish tenors:

Enid Blyton!!!

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paulh. Antisocial distancing works a well as the Social kind

That's beautiful!

We have some beautiful yellow roses blooming in front of our office right now. I thank the lady who suggested that we plant a yellow rose bush there. It is thriving, probably because of the amount of sunlight it receives. smiley - smiley

Over the years I have become more of a fan of roses, both cultivated and wild. There's a Carolina rose near the top of our entrance ramp. It is chock full of rose hips right now.

I planted a Virginia rose in my back yard last year, and it gets bigger every year. It has lots of rose hips now, and will have more with the passage of time.

Enid Blyton!!!

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Just looking in after a long absence.

Enid Blyton!!!

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paulh. Antisocial distancing works a well as the Social kind

I hope Cactus Cafe is all right. Two weeks without a daydream seems unfortunate.

Enid Blyton!!!

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I'll tell her you're asking after her. smiley - smiley

Enid Blyton!!!

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paulh. Antisocial distancing works a well as the Social kind

Thank you.

I would appreciate that.

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