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You joined in 2000, Willem?

You're next, I'm going to go check your Entries list. smiley - rofl


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Wait a minute ....

The White Worm.

uh oh smiley - rofl

Looks like it was a themed piece. About 2010. ?? So now to search other Entries boxes for other white worms. Like Mister D and mvp? Was it AWW? Not sure. Anyway, I accuse you of harbouring White Worms.

FWR will have a White Worm, naturally, even though the project was three years before he joined. smiley - rofl. He'll have the illustration also. smiley - rofl


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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Not Banned in China

The only White Worm I know about is in a novel by Bram Stoker, and a really awful movie which I enjoyed quite a bit, because it was so awful...

I have been lost in research all afternoon. I found a short story in a magazine from 1904, which I've debugged from OCR to use in the Post in April. I went hunting to find out who the author was, and found a reference in the writings of a newspaperman who died in a Texas shoot-out over something satirical he wrote about the Baptist in Waco in 1898...smiley - rofl


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Right, so Willem, your box has all the Colours of Wildlife entries!! Plus all your other amazing work!

smiley - stiffdrink

This is all rather amazing really. All the people on the site, with their stash of work! I don't think there's a better combined archive anywhere else in this world, that world or any world.


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This is a great CC spiral! I suggested a create challenge a while back to repost journal entries, it's amazing how things evolve, the people who have taken the time to read your stuff.

Before this? I did a bit for motorbike magazines, but mostly wrote for my own online amusement or to accompany digital artwork that was begging for a story, chicken and egg time. Nothing's changed, just my preferred site lol.


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Really? Hurrumph. Well, I'll sort of believe you. smiley - rofl

mvp is my main suspect then. smiley - rofl I'm sure it was a theme ..

Sounds like an afternoon well spent. You're going to get an amazing amount of work done in these days, eh?


Post 7287


Yes! Sorry, FWR, that posting was aimed at Mister D, about not believing him about the White Worm. smiley - rofl.

That would be a good Create project about journal entries!! Sorry, I miss things on site sometimes, when I wander from the loop to buy postcards and paper clips.

Ah OK so you were doing work online before, good you're here!


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The Worm Returns

Post 7289



mvp knows about The Worms!

The theme must have been Worms or something. AWW.

Check this. Do you mind me printing it here mvp? It just no one believes me,


I see nearby Grasshopper pieces in mvp's listings. I think there was a Grasshopper thing going on also. 2010. Interesting year in the AWW.

The Worm Returns

Post 7290

Dmitri Gheorgheni - Not Banned in China

I remember the Grasshopper thing - I called the section in the Post 'The Grasshopper Lies Heavy', an arcane Philip K Dick joke. smiley - winkeye

The Worm Returns

Post 7291


Yes! I knew you were there in the Grasshopper thing.

Did you start the Grasshopper thing then??

If I can't accuse you of concealing White Worms, now I can accuse you of starting the Grasshopper thing.

I just found my Grasshopper. smiley - rofl For the purposes of evidence only.


If its as awful as my Worm, then I'm not even going to read it.

mvp has Grasshoppers. I saw them in her space, but I'd better not print out any more of her secrets. smiley - rofl

The Worm Returns

Post 7292

Dmitri Gheorgheni - Not Banned in China

I deny it. smiley - rofl Read my intro there - you start it! With your phrase about grieving for grasshopper. The rest of us just piled in. smiley - whistle

The Worm Returns

Post 7293


smiley - rofl Grieving for Grasshopper?? Nice phrase. I said that??

I started it?? Meanie. You tease.

So the Post and the AWW were working alongside each other. This must have been the later days of the AWW, cos it sort of fizzled out later on. It was difficult to find people with the time to read through work, and offer critique.

When did you become Post Ed?

The Worm Returns

Post 7294


Hah! I like it, FWR. June 2018. Journal Redux.

Where was I then? Probably moving house in fact.

I like that word, Redux. Journal Redux.

The Worm Returns

Post 7295

Dmitri Gheorgheni - Not Banned in China

smiley - huh I'm terrible at dates. I had to do some hunting: A86746053 - 17.10.11. So it's been going on 9 years. How time flies, srsly. smiley - rofl

The Worm Returns

Post 7296


And long may it continue! smiley - applause

Post past and present

Post 7297


Look at that! 17.10.11!

So not so many photos then, although there are designs, Gheorgheniplex and things. I wonder when the software for photos and things came in?

Hear! Hear! Long may it continue!!!!

The knitted cakes

Post 7298


Are my knitted cakes appropriate for the comforting patchwork quilt?

I am fond of my knitted cakes. They make me happy.

If so, can I offer them here, or send over to Post?



Post 7299


Ignore me. Every now and then I'm going to jot down little essence pictures, just because I'm working on essence right now. It keeps me mentally well and hopeful.

smiley - coffee

I still grieve for Grasshopper.

Muse, friend, he hopped into many lives, transcending walls and blocks, wearing stripy socks.

Curious though, as I write, my words hop about in a funny dance, new patterns appear.

Could this be Grasshopper tricks? Time for a re-mix?


Post 7300

Dmitri Gheorgheni - Not Banned in China

Don't send the Patchwork things to me - that's Sasha's project. Follow the instructions on the page. smiley - laugh

How we got more pictures in the Post: for years, the BBC had limited the Post to THREE new pictures an issue. This was because they controlled the tools. We had to submit them and wait. smiley - rolleyes

Shortly after we took over, the Core Team gave me access to the tools and no limits. smiley - evilgrin Farewell to the constant reuse of hand-drawn illustrations from 1999.

1999, mind you, was obviously a banner year for imaginative drawings and animated gifs. But after a decade or so, you might like to look at something else.

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