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The HL Aesthetic

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Morning pilgrims

Love it, the HL aesthetic is a legendary experience that can shapeshift and dance about in magic skins. And sounds.

smiley - musicalnote

Marvellous morning!The September sun wraps its golden halo light around my headache.

Actually I don't have a headache but I like the thought of golden halo light wrapping around it, if I did.

Ooh that's a bit holy. smiley - angel A halo eh??

smiley - chocolateteapot

Wordpaintings flicker on the page, momentary golden ochre whispers.

Golden again? Ah I just realised. See I have this crayon that is called Ocre D'Or. In French. Well its a posh crayon. Golden Ochre. Not yellow. Subtle.

Strawberries and Pandas

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smiley - strawberrysmiley - panda

Ah ant smiley - ant. Ah art. The h2 smiley. Now I have to figure how to get to the smiley index on my phone without losing my posting.

Next posting for x-periment.

I am an ex-Periment. I used to be a finely tuned Periment but now I'm an ex.


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smiley - cheese

There's a cheese? smiley - cheese?

Oh, well I found the index, pressed lots of back buttons, and came back again. I think. Let's see.

Yes! Yes! We have cheese

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smiley - cheese

Cheese? And frogs??

Frogs??? There are frogs? Well I thought I saw a frog but it didnt print out. Must be my phone. A phrogless fone.

See, this time the entire list appeared without the back buttons. My phone brings me smiley - racket1smiley - racket2 tennis! Who needs frogs when you have tennis!

And finally..

So hands up who is going to see Ad Astra?

I was going to accompany the spouse, for better or for worse, but he's decided its not for him. Am I spared? Should I go alone, where no ancient lady has gone before?

Apparently, if you do see it, you go about asking questions, many questions. Especially about... sssshhh. Oh OK then.

I've seen the words surreal and Solaris mentioned. Hmm. Happy travels Brad!


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I liked the idea of golden ochre whispers. I wondered if I could use it - something like

Bees still buzz in ivy flowers
but golden ochre whispers
stir the leaves of sun soaked trees,
signalling the end of summer.

Bees still buzz in ivy flowers

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That's gorgeous mvp. smiley - biro

I love the image of 'ivy flowers'. Its unusual and surprising. Ivy leaves usually get all the attention.

Nice. Mmm. Poetry. I love.

The poetry of moment.

(heads off to decorate/ruin a notebook).

smiley - frog


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smiley - frogsmiley - frog

Frogs!! Fone found the phrogs!

Love these little pictures.

Thank you creators of h2g2 smileys.

You kept me happy for many a year.

Bees still buzz in ivy flowers

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Do you have a thing about notebooks, CC?

I've sometimes bought fancy ones, then felt reluctant to write in them. It feels a waste to fill them with drivel. smiley - booksmiley - biro

Notebook delicious

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Ah yes mvp, I love a notebook.Always have done.

I have a thing about notebooks, pencil cases, and all things stationery. My niece does too so we quite often go wild in a stationers or gift shop. Heheh.

smiley - frog

I'm the same as you though about filling that first blank page.

Especially if the notebook is special, with a lovely cover. I'll tend to fill a special notebook with quotes rather than my own work.

I recycle most of my own work. Lack of storage space.

That's where digital storage is more efficient, perhaps, like the h2g2 archive.

smiley - frog

Notebook delicious

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I think, in essence, I'm a natural recycler of my own work.

My own version of drawing a mandala in the sand, perhaps, only not so disciplined.

Quite annoying really, in fact. Goodbye friends.

When I was a kid I would go raid the bin in my Dad's farm office. I'd pull out a vast pile of old envelopes, draw all over them for hours, then put them all back into the bin, and start again with fresh ones.

smiley - frog Possibly I should have reincarnated as a small green frog. smiley - frog I might have leapt higher in my life.

Happy though. You have to be the cupcake smiley - cupcake that you are.

Unless you aren't a cupcake. smiley - cupcake

That was all getting very philosophical, till I ruined it.

Notebook delicious

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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Not Banned in China

Ahem. While you're here, you people: November is only six weeks away.

Why do I mention this banal calendrical fact, you ask? As well you might. (Posting smiley - frog at this point to keep your interest.)

The Post (meaning FWR and I) have a PROJECT for NaJoPoMo, and we need your help!

There's going to be a group writing experiment. (No judging, no prizes, no critics, no interference - it's all collaborative.) We'll need you to sign up to do it.

It will be smiley - magic. The results will be wildly unpredictable.

Golden Ochre Whispers

Post 7072

SashaQ - happysad and 'slightly mad'

Lovely poem indeed, mvp smiley - biggrin

I like a notebook, too, and also feel that sensation of not wanting to spoil the first page of a new lovely one... I tend towards being a hoarder, so I don't buy too many, but I do have particularly nice ones to record the books I read, the films I watch, and noteworthy dreams. At work I keep a notebook handy, but the type is not very exciting so the 'first page feeling' is not very strong and I can use it for whatever is needed. The same with my 'Ford Prefect Notebook' for researching Guide Entries - nothing fancy, but very practical smiley - ok

Notebook delicious

Post 7073

SashaQ - happysad and 'slightly mad'

The November project sounds intriguing - I'm interested in joining in smiley - biggrin

Ah the notebook

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Evening all!

Wonderful notebook descriptions, Sasha. heheh, I like the Ford Prefect notebook.

So it seems that not wanting to spoil the First Page of a new notebook is definitely a bit of a shared experience.

mmmm. Notebook talk. smiley - love

Notebook delicious

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I have way many notebooks, with weird ideas, doodles and pictures, bits and pieces that later became more extensive writings … I used lots of school notepads and currently have a nice notebook with lots of fine lines so I can write small and get much stuff onto each page. Now a sketchbook is something different … I got a beautiful sketchbook for my birthday from my art class friends and haven't had the courage to sketch anything in it yet!

Ah the notebook

Post 7076

FWR (make America cloudy again!)

Will there be notebooks in this Novemberish shenanigan DG?

NaJoPoMo The Collaboration

Post 7077


Amazing NaJoPoMo project, dear Post Eds. smiley - kiss I think you'll get some wild and amazing works of literature from this, and new creations will in fact become legends and demand donuts for tea. smiley - donut

Wish I could leap in and join you, but its too much for me, I have to accept it.

Your posting has put me through a bit of a soul search in fact, 'cos I realise I'm in a different time of my life.

I'm beginning to look back on the h2g2 years, and I have a vocation to pad homeward to sit in a quiet corner of my life, scribbling wordpaintings into a notebook, then turning them into paper butterflies. smiley - bluebutterfly

Its important to contribute to any community, this I know, and hopefully I have, with this one, over the years.

Ohmigod, I've been here for fourteen years. Amazing company and conversations, and Post contributing and collaborations, and incredible ideas we have forged, and smileys, particularly frogs. smiley - frog And small horses. smiley - pony.

And AWW. And those CCIC aliens who abducted me when I first joined the site, and so much, its like an entire incarnation.

Plus I finally understood that this site as a source of knowledge, with all the Guide Entries and everything beaming through the airwaves.

So I'm sort of in a change right now, kind of sad yet not sad, just exploring things.

Good luck smiley - goodluck with the project!! smiley - kiss

Notebook delicious

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mmm amazing notebook descriptions, Willem!

This is like we're having a notebook exhibition, just by describing them here.

Doodles are interesting I think. Some people say that what you doodle is very telling of one's character. Ohmigod, well, check the doodles I do after a complicated phone call or something. heheh. Lots of insecty things.

NaJoPoMo The Collaboration

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Notebooks and group writing projects.smiley - smiley Notebooks full of ideas, stories and doodles.smiley - smiley

Given the anarchic traditions of this place the group writing project might be smiley - weird or wonderfulsmiley - biggrin or both.

I can't promise to look in every day and write something special.smiley - erm I'll pop in from time to time. I might even resort to verse. (Now that's a real Vogon threat, isn't it!)smiley - laugh

Notebook delicious

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FWR (make America cloudy again!)

I think this idea was to circumvent the need to write every day, but the project will have a chapter a day...sure DG can explain it better. And cc don't sit in a corner, please: I'll find you anyway!

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