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I still remember when I first saw her. We were once again visiting our relatives in Styria during holidays and when we arrived she sat there, at the stable doors. She was the fluffiest kitten I've ever seen. When she purred her long whiskers touched each other in front of her nose. Her sister Susi had shorter hair, black and orange, she was killed by a car a few years later.
Muzi also had mostly black and orange fur, but she had white socks on her hind paws and a white chest.
During this summer my guinea pig died. She had the same colors as Muzi. She was buried in our relatives' garden, under a stone.

We went home again in late August because school started in September and I spent many evenings crying because I wanted a cat. I had always wanted a cat. And finally my parents gave in and our relatives brought Muzi to us. She was about half a year old by that time. The others had lunch in a restaurant while I stayed at home with the cat, who explored our apartment. I still remember how she cautiously sneaked through the living room and how I explained to her how to use the litter. She was a clever cat - most of the time.
We had bought a harness and leash for her and Muzi and I went for walks in the park that way. After a few weeks she was allowed to go out alone for the first time. She didn't come back. We spent all the evening searching and calling until we heard the silent meowing in the garden of our friends.

Later her meowing became louder. She was a very talkative cat, always answering when you said something to her and with many different kinds of meow to tell us what she wants.

She liked to be accompanied on her walks at night. When she was young I would go to the park with her. Later, when we got our house, we walked around the garden and even on the fields. She was always happy when we did that.
When dad went to bed at night he always said to her 'Muzi, bed?' and she answered with a meow and came with him, lying on his chest while he read his book and then staying with him until he was asleep. During the night she kept mum busy because she always wanted to be let in and out of the house, but mum doesn't sleep well, and she was often happy about the company.

I moved out from home two years ago, but I often visited the cat and my bf and I stayed with her when my parents were on holidays. We did that again last week, when I had time off as well, so we stayed at their house most of the time. Muzi wasn't home a lot, the weather was very warm. Then, on Saturday, she didn't come home at all. We searched for her all Sunday and in the evening finally found her in a bush. She was very weak and in a bad condition. She meowed in a way she never did before. We spent all night at the vet, who found out she had a fever of over 40°C and some kind of infection. We were sent home with antibiotics and some stuff to lower the fever.
On Monday I had to go back to work, but P stayed with the cat. He petted her and managed to get her to eat and drink.

When I came home Muzi was dead. With her last strength she jumped on dad's bed, one of her favorite places to sleep. She was 15 years old.

After grandpa died at Christmas and granny left us at Easter, we have lost another integral part of our family and we are not yet sure how to cope.

Sleep well Muzi, may you dream of birds and milk and poultry meat.

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I missed my 2nd hootoo birthday.smiley - erm It was two days ago.

Thanks to all of you for the great time.smiley - smiley

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a new drawing

Ok, finally my first journal entry smiley - disco

I have drawn a new picture:smiley - biggrin
smiley - artist

Well, it's no masterpiece... but quite nice I think.

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