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My trainee magic fingers.

I've started a college course in Swedish Massage!

Just a couple of weeks in so far, and all seems to be going well. They haven't needed to call an ambulance for anyone I've had a feel of yet, which can only bode well, and the ladies I've massaged have all said it's nice. (I hope they're not just saying that to save my feelings).

However, being given a massage is leaving me with a headache for a couple of days every week (damned contra-indications) smiley - grr

All I have to do now is persuade some friends to let me play with them for practice. Everyone I've asked so far (all ladies), has had a veto from the other half for undisclosed reasons.

Do people really believe the 'massage parlour' guff happens everywhere?

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Ooh, Ooh - I've got a new job.

Nothing exciting really, just that in addition to my main job, I'm now working Friday and Saturday evenings as a Kitchen Porter in a Surrey Pub / Restaurant.

I learned on my first day (last Friday) that trying to chop the end of your finger off with a sharp knife really isn't clever (It only took 2 attempts to find that out).
I learned on my second day (last Saturday) that chopping limes, and getting citric acid into a cut finger really isn't any cleverer than cutting your finger in the first place.

(Before anyone reports me to Environmental Health, I only nicked my fingers, and the nicks had closed by the end of the night, which is why I wasn't wearing blue plasters the second day - the buggers still stung though. smiley - injured).

Time seems to work differently in a kitchen though, I was booked for 3 hours on Friday, and worked 4 1/2 and on Saturday, I was booked for 4 hours and worked over 6 - How odd.

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