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Thursday's bit of randomness

I am a little tea pot. I am short and stout.
I am also off my medications.
For, I know that I am not really a teapot. And if they know that I think that I am a teapot, they will put me back in the scary place. But, you can at least bounce off the walls.

Well, go on with your business.

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A bit of randomness for Wedensday

exemplar \ig-ZEM-plar; -plur\, noun:
1. A model or pattern to be copied or imitated.
2. A typical or standard specimen.
3. An ideal model or type.
4. A copy of a book or text.

What charmed me was the idea of a boy too young to understand the lecture but not too young to recognize the eminent
man on the platform as his model, the exemplar of what would become his own life work.
--William Zinsser, "A Travel Nut's Library," New York Times, August 26, 1990

Our need, he declared in his 1981 inaugural address, was "to renew ourselves here in our own land" so that we would
again "be the exemplar of freedom and a beacon of hope for those who do not now have freedom."
--Frances Fitzgerald, Way Out There in the Blue

To suggest that this exemplar of financial probity was enriching himself at public expense was to shake the very
foundations of the new Republic.
--William Safire, Scandalmonger

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Random Ruminiation for Tuesday

I really need some printer ink for up at school. I am sure you all needed to know that.
Carry on with your business now.

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Spring Break

So, although it is not nearly Spring yet, I am in the midst of my Spring Break from UF. Exciting... not so much. My plans are to sleep. But, at least we are running again, sort of... Its cold here, and again I remark, this is supposed to be Florida. Spring Break paradise. Oh well...

Have a jubliant day smiley - smiley

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So, I have now become a sub. Should go well with this evil Technical Writing class. But aside from that evilness, I am having a great time here at UF!!!

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