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I'm back again, one year later

Haven't logged in often and haven't had time to write anything the last year. Moved to Stockholm and startet studying at the Royal Institute of Technology. Haven't had time to write anything. I'm a summer researcher. The entry i was working on last summer is still only half finished, but I wrote a new one from scratch now instead, about Saint Cyprien Plage in France. The old one, about Hiking in the wild, is still in the making. If I get time to finich it. It needs a lot of time to get all the detailes right. Hope no other researcher beats me by writing another one on the same subject.


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I'm Back!!

Finaly. I am Back, and this time to stay (I hope smiley - smiley). 1 year and 8 months since the last visit. During that time my only real entry was accepted into the edited guide. That makes me wan't to write more! Much more!
What I'm working on now:
-Hiking in the Wild (maybe three entries, Equipment, Food, and Tips)

I'm thinking about writing these:
-What to do in St Cyprien Plage (a town in the south of France)

Hopefully I will do all of them.

// Wadelius

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My journey to Brighouse, UK

Just recently I came back from a little journey to Brighouse witch lies between Manchester and Leeds. I've never been in a place with such slow infrastructure. In Brighouse there only live about 5000 people but the place cover a great area. If you try to walk through this place it takes much more time than it takes to walk by 5000 people in a normal city. And the food is terrible! If you try to get your hands on food that doesn't taste hell or isn't as devastating to your body as hell would be it is totally hopeless. Everywhere people eat crisps and chips and fish and chips and chocolate and crisps and undescribable brown stuff and things like that. But the worst thing is the bricks! Everything is made out of bricks! All the houses and all the walls and all the bridges and everything else you can think of is made out of bricks. I know that in the UK you don't got no wood but could they not try to cover these damned bricks with something? Just horrible. My advise is:
Don't go to Brighouse! If you live there get a home and a work somewhere else.

Later I will describe another part of britain, Yorkshire dales witch gave me a much more positive picture of the UK


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