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Living transplant

So, yesterday at my daughter Laura's 40th birthday meal I found myself sitting next to my ex-husband, my older 3 children's father. (His wife was at work.) He's having a kidney transplant in July, that his wife is donating. How amazing is that?!? I will post updates in this journal as and when I get news from our offspring. I wish them all the best and speedy recoveries.smiley - grovel

I know someone who had a successful living kidney transplant. When I was working for Pets As Therapy with Gordon and his dog Snoopy, the lady who ran our branch of the charity had a kidney donated by her best friend. She got "a new lease of life" and is about to turn 63 this month, she's just a tad younger than me, but doesn't look any older than 50! And still working for the charity although it has been renamed now and I don't see her but we are in touch on Facebook. smiley - dog

I carry a donor card and have registered my wishes and told my childrensmiley - cheerup

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New job (GB)

I started a new job tonight, at my local church. I'll be assisting the Vicar at weddings and funerals. Tonight I was at a wedding rehearsal, shadowing Pauline, the lady who is retiring. She's confessed she will miss the job! The wedding is on Saturday, there'll be 3 bridesmaids and 3 flower girls. I feel blessed to be part of it smiley - cupid

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First talk (GB)

My local astronomy club has started something new - members giving talks of their own in between the main monthly meetings where we have a guest speaker. I attended the first last month and it was so successful that another has been scheduled for tonight. I have bitten the bullet and signed up - my talk is going to be on the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy website - you may have heard of it smiley - winkeye I'm taking along my Douglas Adams "Wish You Were Here" book as it has a lovely photo of our founder on the cover. And my copy of the Earth Edition book. I might mention that it's up for sale on Amazon smiley - whistle while I have a captive audience. Photos, via a "flash drive" (get me!) of Jeremiah Horrocks' church which I visited in 2011, will enhance it (if the technology works). Wish me luck for my first-ever public speaking role!smiley - goodluck

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First times

I am finding "first times" a bit of a struggle to process - there's yet another today, my family are heading to Cleethorpes Cenotaph for Remembrance Sunday, it will be the first without either of our parents. My sister and I are going early to attend the church service prior to the poppy wreath-laying, which will be the first time we have been back to the church where Mum had her pre-funeral reception and funeral service. After all the ceremonial stuff, we're heading to Cleethorpes cemetery to lay our poppies on our parents' grave. It's that bit I am dreading, it's the first time any of us have been back since the burial. I have no idea what to expect but I know there'll be tears.

smiley - peacedove

smiley - galaxysmiley - brave

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Rossi ^..^

Rossi is an adorable cat who I occasionally cat-sit for. He is the only cat I have ever met who will offer his tummy to be rubbed and allow the touching of, without painful retribution. I speak from experience of my own cats, including the current one, Mistress Goldie.

I first met Rossi as a kitten (him, not me) and as I scooped him up and brought him close to my face for closer examination, he christened me with a sneeze. My facial expression made my sulky then-teenage lad smile, then laugh. No mean feat, welcome to the family Rossi ^..^

Not sure if all of you can see this video taken on my mobile phone (get me, I never knew I had such amazing technology at my fingertips) of this morning's petting session (his, not mine) post-feeding and toilet-cleaning.


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