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Coupled up (GB)

I have acquired a partner, Andy smiley - cupid We met at my astronomy club. I can honestly say I've never been happier. He's an astronomer, same age as me. He now spends more time at my house than his own, just 5 minutes away, and still working full time although I am badgering him to semi-retire. He's an astronomersmiley - starsmiley - crescentmoon All my life I have wanted a partner who shares my love of astronomy. He's an astronomer, can you believe it. I am still pinching myself. He's an astronomer. smiley - loveblush this photo is of my siblings and their spouses, with Andy and I cuddled up in the middle.

smiley - love

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Harrison's goalkeeping debut

My grandson loves football. He's chosen to be in goal. His debut, the team lost 11-0 and he was devastated. So my son, Harrison's daddy, edited his video to show his saves and uploaded it to Twitter for comments. The result was a "Twitter Moment" (on the day Aretha Franklin passed, that's some achievement).

The video has been seen over a million times and comments posted by famous goalkeepers among others, all encouraging and one even called him "champion", which is what I heard spiritually when I first saw him. Now the story is featured on their local BBC News website. Could I be more proud of my wonderful son and my amazing grandson? smiley - brave

smiley - footballsmiley - runsmiley - football

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On the way to see Dinosaurs!

well, animatronic dinosaurssmiley - laugh

Why didn't I have dinosaurs on my Bucket List, I ask myself?

And Michaela Strachan is the host. smiley - wow

As a Springwatch fan, that's a bonus. Plus I'm going with my #1 daughter (it's her Mother's Day gift to me) and we'll be having a meal with my #2 daughter, her hubby & his Mum as well. Staying overnight and back sometime Saturday. Excited, moi? Just a tad.

smiley - boingsmiley - boingsmiley - boing

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Lake District beckons

I'm off to the Lake District for a few days, with my sister and brother-in-law. smiley - island

I'll be back in time for the semi-finalsmiley - footballsmiley - run

smiley - pggb

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Bananas are on their way out.

Meanwhile, in sweltering Cleethorpes, I'm thinking about planting a banana sapling in my back gardensmiley - puff

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