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Stressed and worried but not panicing

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

I'm going almost insane with worry. The man I love is worried he's going to be laid off work. I have a pregnant niece and her sister has multiple health issues. Both are mothers. My two grandsons in Sheffield - their Mum and step-Dad work but one has special needs, the other doesn't. I feel impotent because I can't help due to the distance involved. I want to help but my health isn't great, I have a heart condition and take blood thinners. It feels like the weight of the world is on me, worry is stressing me out. My church has ceased services of worship but funerals and weddings are going ahead (as of today; this may change before the next funeral, which is next Wednesday). I intend turning up for work but half my job is providing comfort for the bereaved. I can't keep people at arm's length! I have elderly friends and neighbours and my partner's Mum is 84. My partner's brother-in-law is disabled and looked after by his wife, they're self-isolating. We'll be dropping off their shopping requirements (assuming we can locate things). Yesterday I visited my GP surgery for my repeat prescription and the pharmacy for my usual meds. I was shocked by the social distancing procedures in place but understand this is now the norm. I don't know when things are going to get back to normal - I suspect hand-shaking is a thing of the past now - but we can still smile and wave to each other. Thank goodness for virtual hugs smiley - hugsmiley - smooch and Goldie smiley - cat who carries on regardless smiley - cuddle Stay safe and wash your hands. Be kind to each other. Remember there is always someone worse off. I'm sorry this is a maudlin journal, I am trying to stay cheerful smiley - brave and put on a brave face but life's really tough at the moment smiley - brokenheart

Stressed and worried but not panicing

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SashaQ - happysad and 'slightly mad'

Thank goodness for virtual hugs indeed smiley - hugsmiley - cuddlesmiley - hug

I've been referring to this website and finding it to be a useful resource but I do feel like Arthur Dent at the moment (since July last year, even...): 'Would it save time if I gave up and went mad now?'

I've been keeping busy so far this week, which helps - interesting challenge to see how digital my job can be, so I'm having to drag myself into the 21st Century...

My dad died in November so I worry about my mum even more, but she does have a good network of neighbours and they are all supporting each other as best they can, so that is as reassuring as possible.

All the best with everything, and look after yourself smiley - hugsmiley - cuddlesmiley - hug

Stressed and worried but not panicing

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Elektragheorgheni -Please read 'The Post'

Oh pretty, our prayers are with you, for you and your family. Please accept these videos to make you feel better.

A wedding song

Spring kitties:

How to get a frisbee out of a tree -Hoggett special

Stressed and worried but not panicing

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Prof Animal Chaos.C.E.O..err! C.E.Idiot of H2G2 Fools Guild (Official).... A recipient of S.F.L and

"Stressed and worried"

No1 - US northern folk were built on chewing 6ins nails and spitting out tin tacks!
No2 - WE can take whatever is chucked at us, co's it's watter off a ducks back!
No3 - WE have the common sense to ride this latest influenza outbreak (new namesmiley - doh coronavirus)
No4 - OK! So I wash my hands as normal, but! I still pick my nose - sod the bugs! smiley - smileysmiley - biggrin

Stressed and worried but not panicing

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You can call me TC

smiley - hug

Please try to continue not panicing, GB. I have taken to writing letters and recording videos for my grandchildren. And if you go shopping , daffodils are really cheap at the moment, you can get a bunch of 10 or 20 for less than a pound.They cheer up the house no end.

Stressed and worried but not panicing

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Things will work out fine GB - worrying never makes a difference. Stay positive. This crisis is giving so many people the chance to show how good, kind and generous they can be and you'll find those stories if you look past the scary headlines.

Stressed and worried but not panicing

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2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

virtual - smiley - cuddle

smiley - dontpanicsmiley - zen Its not yet the end of times... - no sign of nighthoover yet smiley - zen
smiley - zen

Stressed and worried but not panicing

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

Hi everyone and thank you for the support and comfort.

I've been banned from my church, only the vicar and the undertakers will be allowed to perform the funeral. This is toughsmiley - cry I feel like I'm letting everyone down when I know it's the right thing to do - stay at home, protect myself and it will protect others.

smiley - cuddle

Stressed and worried but not panicing

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smiley - hug

Stressed and worried but not panicing

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Prof Animal Chaos.C.E.O..err! C.E.Idiot of H2G2 Fools Guild (Official).... A recipient of S.F.L and

GB smiley - cuddle I'm being "Yorkshire" blunt here love..

(no disrespect to anyone of course)
Those who have passed away can't catch coronavirus..

BUT! I have a friend who cansmiley - hug HER safety means more to me. Nuff said! smiley - smooch

Stressed and worried but not panicing

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Pierce The Pirate ~ out of Hotblack Desiato mode again ~

This! This is what matters.

People die every day. It's what we do. And every few years a flu epidemic is causing thousands to die.

But a pandemic like COVID-19 could force the NHS to crash if everybody catches it at the same time. This could cause a lot of people to die before their time. Not only among infected but also among patients in need of care for other reasons.

Spread it out over a longer period and the NHS can cope with it.

smiley - goodluck to us all smiley - smiley

smiley - pirate

Stressed and worried but not panicing

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2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

I was at hospital today... which was so* weird;

Addinbrooke's is a massive hospital... no, really* huge. - it was empty; that is, to say, all outpatient clinics canciled, all routeen clinic visits, I assume virtually all but emergency opperations etc, canceled… - we walked the 3 miles there; not wanting to risk being on the bus; every single bus, coming in, and leaving, was- totally empty.

We walked to the treatment center the long way; round the outside of the buildings.... very very few patients inside; chairs laid out different, all separate from each other... very few treatments happening.... - got told my next injection (one every 11 weeks), may have to take place ' in the community' (I assume this means I do it... ) - on the way out, we walked through the hospital.... 10 minute walk from where we were, to the front door.... no patients, just a few staff... smiley - ghostsmiley - ghost - I assume the wards and A&E etc were somewhat busier; the 'N' wards; used normally for MRNA isolating patients, have signs on saying for 'covid-19 only' smiley - weird very few nurses etc, in the useually busy endocrine treatment centre, as they have, or are about to be reassigned to other areas smiley - weird Did feel spookily quiet, being so scilent without the normal thousands of outpatients coming and going but at leas the five mile round walk was good, and the air... smiley - wow so much clearer without all the pollution and sound is carrying miles further; and nearby sounds are transformed; I can hear my footstep echo off walls and buildings we passed smiley - ghost

Back at home, local drug dealer/addict, yelling his head off in the street and acting insainely in the street smiley - groan at least food seems easier to get in the shops now smiley - zen

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