Introducing Me.


Not much of an introduction so far, but it always seems to work face to face.

Who Is Duma?


No, Duma's not my real name. but it's the internet nickname I use most frequently. And no, it's not after the Russian word for thought, though it's a nice idea. And no, I'm not named after a brand of cigarettes. It's an angelic name. smiley - angelLong story, which I may post up here at some point. smiley - smiley

I'm a London based theatre director. No, not a famous one. (Yet.) I'm 25 and currently trying to make the move from professional assistant director to professional director. But enjoying myself in the process.

I dress in black a lot. To be honest, I rarely wear other colours. This tends to get me mistaken for a techie while working. But I like techies so that's all right. The black I wear invariably includes a t-shirt, often with a slogan.

I'm a Cat Person. My cats are black with white patches, called Manga and Anime and are sisters. smiley - cat

I'm also Keeper of The Coffee Bean And All The Goodness That Derives From It. Go claim your Keeper Title now.

What Does Duma Do With His Free Time?

I love listening to music, and have it on i the background as much as possible. The rise of MP3 and digital music has meant that I can have all my music on my pc, select "All Tracks" and just press play. I mostly listen to Heavy Metal (usually industrial - you know, like Nine Inch Nails, One Minute Silence, Pitchshifter, that kinda thing.) I'm also a Blues fan and have been known to sit down and listen to Mozart's Requiem. I guess I mainly enjoy music with a "dark edge".

I also love reading, though my eyesight's pretty bad and I don't read as much as I used to. I'm looking into getting laser corrective surgery in my right eye, because my optician informed me that glasses won't really help. When I do read, my favourite authors include Neil Gaimen, Terry Pratchett, Joseph Heller, George Orwell, Aldous Huxley and Raymond Chandler. I read a lot of mythology too, my specialist subject being angels.

I play a lot of computer games, and have been doing so solidly since the heady days of the ZX Spectrum 16k, back in 1982. The first game I loaded on it was The Great Train Race. For those of you who were (a) not born yet or (b) not using computers yet, it ran on audio tapes. This meant that most games took around 5 to 10 minutes to load. And you had to listen to them load too - a sound not unlike a modem carrier signal. Oh, and if you pressed the keys too hard the power cable fell out of the back and you had to do it again. At the moment I'm playing Black and White a lot. Every now and again I get amazed by how fast technology's advancing.

I used to go clubbing fairly regularly, but am alas out of practice now that I'm working. I'm thinking of getting back into practice though, because I love to dance.

I drink a lot of coffee too. smiley - coffee

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