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August 2, 2000

My entry on Naturism was the featured edited entry on the front page. Very cool, since this was one that I really worked on and cared about.

I'm also enjoying the fact that you don't have to write full entries to contribute to the guide. As I start to see the collaborative entries pop up on my page, I realize how useful that approach is.

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April 27

Hooray! My first entry is approved! Normal, Illinois, USA made it on the front page today. It's the entry that I wrote my first day here. smiley - smiley

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June 18

OK, I guess now I'm kind of a veteran here. Amazing.

Sad news this week. Peter McWilliams died in a horrible way that also ironically vindicated the battles he fought in his life. More info at the obit I submitted at I think I may write a guide entry about him as well.

I've got to get back to writing guide entries now that I've finished my big editing project IRL (it was hard mentally to do both at the same time).

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All this in 10 days?

I have definitely become immersed in h2g2. Got two guide entries submitted (Naturism and Normal, Illinois, USA), and then spent some time fine-tuning them to comply with Guide style sheets. Feeling pretty good about them. Put together the researcher ID proposal and a non-guide entry on Redbeard's brew. Hanging out a lot at the café and enjoying the company, and now starting to branch out and discover people in other ways as well.

Getting to know some wonderful people... I'm already enjoying chatting with Asteroid Lil, B-17, Anonymouse, Joanna, Ioreth, Courtesy 38. Starting to get to know Demon Drawer, somat willy, løøneytünes, and a few others and just enjoyed meeting Mike A.

People on my list to meet: Well, of course Irving Washington, since I've spent so much time at his places. Others that sound very interesting that I'd like to meet when I get a chance to introduce myself: Greebo (Me want meet her. Like cats) Krissy Lee (apparently has quite a theatre background, including DePaul and Shakespeare), Peta (just to get to know more about one of the people who keep this place humming).

Now if I can just balance my time on here in the background while I work on my current RL project of a 56-page program guide for the Illinois Shakespeare Festival, I may just survive.

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first entry

Mostly this journal entry is to avoid having no journal entries. I'm starting to get the hang on things here a little. Have written and submitted Normal, Illinois, USA. Next I'm working on a Guide Entry for Naturism, followed by one for Four-Square. I'd also like to write one for Theatrical Photography if I can figure out how to format it.

Another project is to get h2g2 to have researcher cards available -- you know, some nice laminated cheap personalized card you can carry in your wallet, or even something like a credit card in feel. I think the researchers would pay for this, would raise some funds for h2g2, and we'd all enjoy trying to use them in restaurants to claim to be reviewing for the guide.

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