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DDD's NaJoPoMo - Only In Cyprus #30

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Deep Doo Doo

Well, that's it - mission accomplished - Day 30 signals the end of the NaJoPoMo challenge. I've enjoyed participating and I hope you've enjoyed the journey with me too.

There were a number of subjects that I had in mind to cover. Unfortunately, one short month was not enough, and although some projects were started (and one or two even finished) they never made the grade. I dearly wanted to do justice to the 'Cyprob', but it's such an emotive and important matter that no journal could ever give it the consideration it deserves. Alongside quirks such as the SBA's, moufflon, Big Mac, Yuri Gagarin and the Troodos golf ball, I also wanted to share some of the oddities that arise on a daily basis and affect both expats and Cypriots alike. Over the last month I've made copious notes and prolific scribbles on countless papers. I've delved into hundreds of web pages and analysed a mass of statistics. I've sorted the wheat from the chaff, the truth from the fiction and feasted on a banquet of facts and figures.

Importantly, I've discovered new interests that prior to the challenge would have just passed me by. Over the next few weeks I plan to build my own traditional 'fournou' - a clay oven - and when it's complete I'll be baking village bread, cooking Kleftico and Tavvas. My wife is also encouraged by the new recipes I've uncovered and she's looking forward to producing new culinary creations.

In short, for me, NaJoPoMo has been an incredibly worthwhile and rewarding experience. When I've caught my breath and tackled some of the jobs that I've recently avoided, there'll be a few prospective Entries that I'll happily write up and submit to PeerReview.

If you'd like an explanation of any of the subjects I've touched on above, feel free to post below or pop over to my Personal Space.

For now, Kali Nichta, and if I may, I'd like to be the first (on the advent of the festive season) to wish you Xronia Polla!

DDD's NaJoPoMo - Only In Cyprus #30

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Just wanted to pass by and say I've been lurking these, along with many of the Najo group, and have been finding them very interesting. It's a very different expat life from mine, but I recognise some of the joys and challenges!

And if nothing else, it's put Belgian local administration into context!

smiley - cheers


DDD's NaJoPoMo - Only In Cyprus #30

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Lanzababy - Guide Editor

smiley - wowsmiley - magic

DeepDooDoo - please write up some of your research for the Guide! This is the sort of stuff we really would welcome. smiley - biggrin

I've really been fascinated by your insights into life on another island. There are striking similarities to life here.

smiley - ok

DDD's NaJoPoMo - Only In Cyprus #30

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Deep Doo Doo

Thanks for the kind words, sprout - good to hear that you enjoyed the journals.

Lanza, I will - I'm going to do Big Mac first, but I *must* decorate the living room before Christmas - this last month has been a welcome distraction - but I'll not see Christmas in one piece if I don't start on some of my domestic duties. smiley - laugh

And, yeah, the 'small island mentality'. smiley - ok

I, perhaps, should have renamed these journals.

How does "Only in Cyprus (Other islands may be available)", sound? smiley - winkeye

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DDD's NaJoPoMo - Only In Cyprus #30

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