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Well, she's rompin' to the drag, the cha-cha rag-a-mop, stompin' to the shag, whoo! ROCKS the bunny hop!


Just another day (jujujujujuju), another day of waking up to a caller in a rage of dissatisfaction with the answering machine...

Just another day of winning Rock and Roll Jeopardy. Just another day of editing the next big Robbie Williams/Adam Sandler collaboration.

Another day of discovering a kindred drag queen in Rochester.

Another day of long-distance calls that end with, "I'm going to go before I lose you."

Another day that I'm the darling of the local Publix.

Another day of deja vu.


Of inventing something to do with spinach and a three-week-old chuck steak.

Of counting the Coke cans.

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Latest reply: Feb 3, 2002

Why MUST I type a subject?

They changed "we all think we lead interesting lives" to "we all lead interesting lives"?

Ah, I see now that there is a reason it is dead and I am better off having dumped it.

Anyway I finished all my Christmas shopping.

At least I am trying.

Bye now.

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Latest reply: Dec 23, 2001

Um. Okay. So long, then.

Yeah. I, um, don't want you to take this the wrong way or anything, I mean, I still love who you used to be and everything, but that was kind of tremendously and unforgettably sucky of you. If you don't think I'm talking to you I guess I probably am, which is sad, and I don't think there's any point in my telling you why because the whole point is that you don't give a damn. Whatever. That kind of hurt, but I've come a long way. I'm a lot more pissed off than I am hurt. So. I guess that's that, huh? Someone could have told me, but again: Whatever. Let's just call me officially dead. Because I'm not going to be coming back to something like that. Which is what you wanted, right? So that's why. Well done. I mean, it was handled beautifully.

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Latest reply: Aug 4, 2001

They're going to hate me.

Argh. I don't really want to put it in my journal, but no one around here is ever on to chat with... oh, well.

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Latest reply: Jul 31, 2001


Having every assurance in the world and still being terrified - this is something new.

This is something big.

This is something beautiful.

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Latest reply: Jun 18, 2001

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