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Making haste slowly...

After having this page for nearly 2 years I still haven't thought of anything clever as an intro or guide entry. I really that dull?
I don't spend a lot of time on line. Meditation is THE BIG thing for me, and the materials I read have to do with metaphysics, religion, history, diet, herbs. I keep up with environmental issues and routinely e-mail my opinion as far up the political chain I can.
I keep coming back to visit h2g2 because of all of you intelligent, gifted, talented, crazy researchers that never cease to amaze me!
Anyway, I decided to write in my journal to mark the first day of a transition diet (again)...after mixed eating for a while (I've been enjoying meat, flour products and lots of dairy products again with only moderate fasting). Deep cleansing, the reason I fast, must be done carefully.

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