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h2g2 London May meet 2011

Sorry for taking so long in getting stuff updated... It oughta be updated now on the main meet page ; A79731967
(just waiting to get the afternoon event information on there), and also on the atendee list, though I doubt very much weather its 100% accurate smiley - dohsmiley - grovel

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2011 Spring/Summer London meet

Page up over at: A79731967smiley - zen I think the suggestion is for some time perhaps in May?
If anyone knows of any other meets please lettuce know so we can avoid clashing with them smiley - zen

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H2G2 London Autumn/Winter meet 2010

Oops. finally got round to putting a page up...:

I guess we need some voting threads, pressuming there is sufficient interest... I think there is a Hull meet in October, so we can avoid clashing with that it'd be good, or any other meets, though its not so easy to keep track of what meets are being planned now as there isn't a regularly updated meet page for all* meets... (the upcoming community events page Ithink it was called...) smiley - ale

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London meet this weekend...

Just updated main meet page (though will probably update again soon once I've more stuff about the afternoon goings on), and updated the atendee page... still time to sign up you lazy lot smiley - tongueoutsmiley - evilgrin

Thus far it looks like myself and a couple of others will be appearing at the Shakespears head at approx 12 or 1 PM Saturday, with the editors turning up about 5 PM, and th others I guess about then or some time after; the afternoon event is being organised by MMF and I don't have much info on that yet, but I guess those who aare doing that have found the relivent conversations... err I'm not sure where they is smiley - dohsmiley - runsmiley - handcuffs

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H2G2 May (the 15th) London meet 2010

Not updated the main meet page in a bit, but will do .. when I can and there is new stuff to go on it, over at; A61823694

Have* updated the atendee list over at;
smiley - zen

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