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Great joy and happiness

Hi my friend

Thank you for letting me put your name if my friends list.
You say you are so busy and do not know where the time disappears to.

well my dear lovely friend, you have a large family; you are giving then home education which I would imagine is incredibly difficult. I can remember when my children were young and I was giving French(and swimming!!) lessons to various young people. I could teach other people's children but I found it very difficult to teach my own.

My children all taught themselves to swim from watching me take classes. However,French was a totally different story. Poor keith, he never would learn his verbs, and I remember now that I was very short tempered about it. Perhaps that is a very necessary memory which has come back. I shall chat to him about it when I see him, hopefully this weekend.

You must have tremendous patience. I think I have at last achieved this marvellous gift. However I do think that 82 years and three months is rather a long apprenticeship. !!

I shall enjoy hearing your news. I realise how much my short term memory has disappeared as I am only now beginning to remember that I did "find" you a short while back - was thrilled about it, and then forgot...Oh dear those temporal strokes are not very pleasant things.

Well this time you are firmly on "La Liste" so I hope it will not happen again.

With much affection and a big Hi to the young and salutations to the man of your life.

Friday 6/VIII/2010 6.15 BST

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Missed my brother being interviewed by Professor Robert Winston

Help please.

My brother who is a a psychiatrist and has written a book on Beethoven was interviewed by Sir Robert Winston this morning. It was at 1.30 and unfortunately a person came to interview me from social services so I missed it except for hearing the first answer of my brother whose first name is Francois; He has written a book on Beethoven.

The social worker who had come to visit me said I could hear it later on iplayer. I have tried to understand how to do it but can find no trace of it. It was on Radio 4 on the 3/VIII/2010 at 13.30. BST. It gave me a real thrill to hear his voice and I would dearly like to hear the interview in full.

Can anyone help me. please

Alsoran 79

Tuesday 3/VIII/2010 16/55 BST
Many thanks.

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My granddaughter's visit

Well, my darling Cath has come and gone. The visit passed so rapidly - in the twinkling of an eye. She is so incredibly special and loving and caring. I am indeed very fortunate.

We talked, I talked, she talked, we talked again. She has a way with computers which makes them deliver up beautiful photos - plaees like Bali and some incredibly named place in Borneo appeared.
What also appeared, and which horrified me, what the biggest flower in the world. a monstrous thing, ugly, gross and thoroughly disagreeable, which apparently smells like a sewrer because it is an insectiverous plant. Funny I have no desire to go to Bali, or Borneo nor anythwere else.

We had a splendid visit to Keith. They were and still are such good friends. They sing together, laugh together, and generally love life.
She let me spoil her which is always a privilege. She was fortunately here when I recived the horrid news that

a. I have shrunk six inches with my wretched psoriatic arthritis and am now barely midget size. !
2. serious changes have occurred in my skeletal frame - sadly not only old age, but total disappearance of heads of femur etc. I must admitn that I was a bit tearful about it, but she cheered me up by insisting that it really did not matter. !!

Great enthusiasm with my my verandah garden.

Altogether a wonderfully inspiring visit and I hope that keith and I will visit her in Holland next year when she celebrates her birthday.

I am so estremely fortunate to have such splendid grandchildren.

29th July 2010 5.55 BST

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Off to visit Keith

I am off on a really happy journey and that is to pay my weekly visit to Keith. He is such a happy fellow and loves where he is. All the residents gather around and we have a really happy time. I have baked some goodies and taken lots of fruut,
it is really a happy time.

With affection to all


Sunday 18th July 2010 1.45 BST

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Joy and satisfaction are......

smiley - smileysmiley - smileysmiley - smiley
A lovely new radio/C/D player - very reasonable.

Finding my BBC collection of Word for Word
(five discs) of
"The hitchikers guide to the galaxy."
by DNA and read by

Douglas Noel Adams himself.

Now that is real treasure.

I never had the pleasure and honour of meeting him although when I first joined this website he was still alive. But oh boy am I going to love this. !

I shall go to bed every night listening to my favourtie story being read by a wonderful,marvellous man in whose honour this wonderful website was started.

With a great deal of affection to all hitchikers and happiness on their search for friendship and peace

Christiane. the aged "wheelchair" hiker

Friday 9th July, 2010 18.20 BST

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