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Worried about our friends across the pond and the hurrican

Lots of loving thoughts are crosssing the pond about this hurricane whichis rusing wildly up the East coast of the USA

Do hope you are well and safely housed.

it is incredible how wild and volent Mother Nature's temperament can bel

I phoned my brother who lives on Long Islan yesterday - in fact the day before. However he and his family had gone away on their annual holiday in the mountains.
So then I started worrying about other family and friends who might be in the path of the imminent hurricane.

I wonder How Pauh is, and Hypatia and other friends in the State are faring. Shea the sarcastic, and Amy but I think that she and her family are on the West coast of the States.

anyway, my friends. lots of loving thoughts to keep you all safe.

aka. Christiane

Sunday 29th August 2011 5.24 BST

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No-one believes how old I am.....Brrrr

Hi, I have just had to sign in a second time and this time had to give my date of birth.

I am proud of my age and not asahmed of it. I am working hard to repair the damage done by the strokes and believe that the wonderful exercises which I found on this website and practice every day have done a lot to help me.

But will anyone believe me.?

shame on you all you beautiful young creatures. You are all going to live to be over a hundred due to the wonderful advances made in the medical world. But very few of them believe it either.

So now I am going off to have my light supper and enjoy TV. And think of all the wondeful friends which I have made on this site of Douglas Noel Adams Someone has nicked the record which i had of him reading the Hitchikers guide. I am nearly very upset about it.

with all good wishes,

Friday 29th July 2011 19.15 BST

Do I have to sign out every time or just sign off? smiley - run

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A visit ti Mount Everest

As a child I was fascinated with adventure stories. I can remember the first one I read which was when I was about ten years old. The book was called Gold of Peru.

Then I encountered Everest. Well my interest was aroused and I read every book i could get hold of and agonised when Mallory and Irvine never reached the summit...I seem to remember that it was iin the year of my birth 1928.

Well when I went to live in Zimbabwe when I was first married I was thrilled to bits when Sir Edmund Hillary of New Zealand and Sherpa Tensing gave the present Queen of England her most precious coronation gift - and that was the one of conquering the highest mountain in the world in the year of her coronation 1953.

You can iimagine how thrilled I was when two members of his "assault team" came to Salisbury Rhodesia - now Harare Zimbabwe - and gave a talk. I had three small children at the time and after having arranged for a friend to care for them, I went and stood in a queue to obtain the cheapest seat as I really had no spare cash to indulge in such "frivolities" when I was first married.

And so it happened. That I sat in the theatre where two members of the expedition were describing their experience of having been members of Sir Edmund Hillary's expedition. I was totally enthralled and in wonderment at their courage.

Of course I bought the book which was a first edition and inscribed
with their names,

Sadly during our many moves first of all the inscription of the flyleaf the front of the book was removsd.

now I find that the book itself has diusappeared durinng my latest move. I have a dear h2g2 friend who lives in Zew Zealand. Every time I hear from her I am trnsported back to those wonderful heady days when I was in my early twenties and lived through the phenomenol expedition listening spellbound to those two mountaineers sharing their experience with us.

Even if I was in the cneapest seat in the theatre It was wonderful.


28th November 2010 5.35 GMT

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Heop to unsubscribe to a oc9nversation

U unadverntaly click subsctribe when I saw that I had material that I did not want on my space.

I am not going to write anymore unless I can get rid of it. How on earth to I do it... I always thought therte was an unsubscribe at the end of a posting....

Thank you dear editors. Acutally I am so upset I really think that this is the end.....

27th November 20`0 4/55 GMT

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help please

I do not know how or why, but every time I try and click onto my space I land up on our poor friend Gnoman's space.
Can someone, either Liz or one of the other Aces please try and help me out of it. I am sure it is driving Gnoman up the wall and that is the last thing that I want tio do to him.

Thanks for any help you can give me.


26/XI/2010 14.57 GMT

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